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  1. 8/23/71 in Fort Worth, TX. Just a scorching version. The unbalanced recording helps in this case, as the taper was in front of Jimmy's side and the guitar is very prominent in the tape. Blazing playing by Jimmy and Robert in very strong and high voice.
  2. Absolutely, Jimmy was a mess. Bonzo was a drunk, he died of a self-inflicted mishap. But Jimmy was in much worse shape overall. He was just lucky he didn't die.
  3. Their live shows pretty much lived and died with Jimmy. JPJ and Bonzo were pretty much always solid. The difference between a great show, a decent show, and a bad show pretty much laid with the state of Jimmy and his playing. If you were to graph Jimmy's playing ability, fluency, speed, and accuracy from '73-'80, it would pretty much be a straight line downward. I don't think there's any reason to believe that trend would have reversed in the fall of '80. If you look at how frail and sickly he looked in '83 at the ARMS shows, you get a good idea of where he was trending. The America '80 shows would have been shorter, more compact, no jamming, with Jimmy doing a bad to decent job, depending on the night. I doubt you would have had much of the "old fire" from him in many shows.
  4. Yes, March '73 definitely finds the band at their hottest ever instrumentally. Bonham especially did things that month that he never did before or after. Just listen to Dazed & Confused from each of the German shows and see Page vs Bonham at its peak. The starts and stops, call and response games, and general jamming were something to behold. They were on fire.
  5. This is the weirdness people are talking about. Who in the world cares that Led Zeppelin's manager visited an antique store in 1976? But not only does Steve have "notes" about it, but there aren't enough details for his liking and he's avidly searching more out. That's the stalker-y thing at work. Sadly, Steve is NOT the heart of this place. All the members who made up the true heart of this place were driven away or left long ago. As far as why he's leaving, seems like Stevie's mad that his "image" and his "mystery" that he cultivates has been blown open, and he's been revealed to be an average Joe, albet one with OCD.
  6. Mattmc1973


    Ah, the infamous Black Albert! I had it a few years ago, very good. I'm drinking a Russian River Blind Pig IPA right now.
  7. Well, that's quite a backhanded and sarcastic review by Rolling Stone!
  8. 3/21/75 Seattle, arguably the best show of the '75 tour and today's the anniversary!
  9. I've always thought Jonesy's acoustic didn't add much to the live version, it's too thin sounding. His normal bass work would have filled out the sound much better, imo. If Jimmy can handle all of Achilles Last Stand's guitar parts on one guitar, he would've been fine on Ten Years Gone.
  10. I've gotta say, though I was skeptical this new album rocks pretty hard. Reminiscent of 'Women and Children First' era VH. Songs like 'As Is' and 'honeybabysweetiedoll' definitely show Eddie with his 70's chops back in full force.
  11. Nothing rocks harder than watching Diamond Dave dance around 1920's-style. Also, I had a seizure watching it.
  12. I second this. I'm a HUGE fan of the March '73 shows, they were just smokin' at that point.
  13. The Stoke show was my first Zeppelin boot. There was a record store that had bootleg cd's, but being in high school, I didn't have the money for them. The owner offered to record the cd to a tape for me for like $10, if I recall correctly. I didn't get the whole boot, just whatever would fit on a cassette, but it was plenty for me at the time! I still really like that show, a great soundboard.
  14. Listening to 2/16/75 St. Louis soundboard, while watching football.
  15. Yeah, Rick (silvermedalist) has a long history here. A while back, he had a habit of slowly simmering until he boiled over and would go off on an angry drunken rampage and get banned. He would sneak back in, and repeat the cycle. Behind the scenes, many of us referred to him as Angry Rick. I believe his most recent incarnation as silvermedalist was officially sanctioned. I think Sam let him back after he apologized and promised to behave himself. Alas, he couldn't, Crazy/Angry Rick returned, as I'm sure he will again. As you said Jahfin, carry on...
  16. Ah, so your nasty attitude and persistence with this is just because, it's not personal. Very nice. This is usually a drama-free section of the site, where Zep geeks can discuss live shows and bootlegs...until you brought the drama. I think everyone has made it clear, it's not cool. Take the crazy someplace else.
  17. And add to it Rick's snarky and malicious tone in his last response, and it's clear this is just a personal beef with Strider and anyone who likes him.
  18. So Rick, let me get this straight - you continue to attack Strider doubting his stories, he writes a lengthy and detailed response to your allegations, and you attack him again for being too long winded and say you aren't going to read his response. That tells me that you aren't really looking for Strider's side, your mind is made up, nothing he says is going to matter to you. So why keep after it like this?
  19. I read Strider's recap of the Kezar '73 show, and it's either an incredible piece of fan fiction, or he was there.
  20. Lately I've been just listening to the versions of Dazed & Confused from the German '73 shows, and comparing/contrasting them. I think Hamburg is my favorite, although Vienna is right there.
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