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  1. More here http://tibettruth.files.wordpress.com/2009/12/bigboom1.jpg
  2. Jimmy On Stairway To Tyranny More Here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2zicfolLSKA&feature=PlayList&p=D2B83C097B31ADFD&index=0
  3. There may, in-part, be such motivations behind the event, it clearly is designed to paint a positive gloss over the corrupt and viscious reality which exists inside China. Moreover, whatever illusion of 'freedom' it may present the atrocities will continue, beyond the steel and glass of that stadium.
  4. Folks, we can polish this anyway we choose, which is what appears to be happening, but the truth is that participating in such an event, organized by a regime which has the blood of Tibetans, Uygurs amd Chinese upon its hands, sends a clear signal to the Chinese leadership (and beyond) that the artist in not concerned with either human rigths or freedom enought to take a stand of principle, to say no to such an obvious public relations exercise by China, to express solidarity with those who suffer at the hands of this brutal authority. Jimmy is an honourable and compasioante guy, whose efforts
  5. There are countless numbers of Tibetans, Uyghurs and Chinese tortured, brutalized ad killed by the Chinese Regime that Jimmy should reconsider associating his involvement with, that were entirely innocent, Such is the nature of communist China. As to that English guy no matter what the circumstances his heartless killing cannot be excused or left uncondemned, unless of course one has pro-Chinese sympathies.
  6. Indeed there are other artists named as playing at this troubling event, not that their seeming involvement absolves the ethical concerns of association with such a regime as China's. My comments here are due to a lifetime appreciation of Led Zeppelin, and Jimmy's guitar playing in particular. However, some things are just plain wrong, however much our attachment and loyalties may obscure our ability to see things in a detached and objective way. Associating, in such a high profile and influential manner, with a concert that is simply a disguised propaganda event for the world's most oppresive
  7. The list of atrocities, oppression is long indeed
  8. China has been inflicting atrocities since 1949, no change no moderation
  9. Actually the appeal was for Jimmy not too associate ewith this event for the reasons detailed. The issue of changing China was not proposed my me, clearly that objective cannot be realized by playing chords in the key of appeasement and collaboration. Actvely supporting and participating in this event cleary demands colloboration and endorese the very regime which is inflicting such violatiomns and oppression in China.
  10. "Within totalitarian China and the occupied territories of Tibet, East Turkestan, Inner Mongolia and Manchuria there is no genuine peace, only oppression and state violence. While environmental destruction and pollution is a widespread issue across China. Tibetans and Uyghurs are brutally denied the very rights this event is purportedly promoting. In light of China’s appalling record on human rights it is an obscenity that anyone would consider staging such an event there, it would be like organizing a concert for peace in Cambodia under the tyranny of Khymer Rouge!"
  11. The problem is that appeasing China, or collaborating with propaganda events, will not result in any reduction in the violent oppression and abuses. As known by the English Government Beijing is contemptuously indifferent to any attempt to moderate or even crticize its appalling record. This event has only one purpose, to present a glossy and human mask, to conceal the brutalities and suppresion in China. It is a staged deception.
  12. Such aspirations are a noble ideal, however they demonstrate complete ignorance of the nature of the Chinese regime, the tyranny which exists and the scale and horrors of human rights atrocities operating in communist China. It's an innocent hope to dream that music can moderate the cultural genocide, censorship, forced labor camps, oppression and violations that is such a feature of China's draconian regime.
  13. Imagine if you will another guitar legend Django Rheinhardt (one of Jimmy Page’s favourites) a jazz master of the 1930/40/50s performing his classic Nuages for the Nazi hierarchy at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. Or his other great inspiration, black blues legend BB King, agreeing to perform at an event organised by the Apartheid Regime of South Africa!
  14. Appreciate the ideals here but there is no moderation possible, or reasoning with this blood-soaked regime. The violence and oppression is relentless, ask Tibetans, they have had over five decades of experience of Chinese domination. Please Jimmy don't do this. More here: http://twitpic.com/unsyy/full
  15. Interesting article on Page's planned appearance @ Beijing See here http://tibettruth.wordpress.com/2009/12/19/what-is-and-what-should-never-be/
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