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  1. Well you are right to a degree haha about it being the 4th sond and yes Jimbo is quite sweaty already but at the second show in LA- 6-22-77 they didn't play 'Over the Hills and Far Away ' till late in the show- after 'Moby Dick' and before jimmy's guitar solo/Achilles Last Stand' but I don't think this pic is from that show for two reasons- He wore the black dragon suit but he did change into the white dargon suit after they came back to finsih 'Over the Top/Moby Dick' -so yes he is in the white dragon suit when they perform Over the Hills and Far away but I have a pic of them during Achilles Last stand after he had changed into the white dragon suit and you can clearly tell there is no real flower pinned to his shoulder.

    So yes the pic above is during Achilles Last Stand but another odd thing is he used the red Les Paul mainly on Over the Hills and Far Away during the 1977 tour but he sometimes used it on Achilles Last Stand on that tour along with his number one sunburst Les Paul. What is even more wild is the 8mm video footage of this 6-22-77 show - He starts out on the Sunburst Les Paul but some where along the way he has switched to the Red Les Paul- you can see this footage on this site at the main menu in the video section. I had always had the silent footage but someone has matched up the actual sound and it looks good.

    Here is a pic from earlier in the show 6-22-77-In My Time of Dying


    And during Achilles Last Stand 6-22-77


    Are the dates correct? Thought JP changed his black dragon into a white one.

  2. I love this photo.It could not be ALS cause they played it not at the beginning of the shows of this tour.

    It might not even be "Sick again".Because they played this song directly after "The Song remains the same".So maybe JP had used

    his doubleneck as he did in Knebworth.

  3. What a hard question to answere."Levee" is real great coz it sets a diffrence to the material before but I vote for "I m gonna crawl".

    I don´t like the album very much but this song shows old and eternal power.A bright light at the end of a mean album.

  4. Led Zepplin was a vanguard for music .But for my taste they should have published much more in the past .

    I agree with the thoughts of Jimmy against this.

    But this is a strong medium of our days and gives a good chance to the kids to

    get in contact with the music of Zep.

    Also-(after his highprice output of his book)-

    the idear of making immense money may change the thinking of JP.

  5. What a strange list.Bonzo no1 is fair but the rest?!? Often these votings were manipulated.And the result smells a bit like that.

    --I talked to an old musician who was even onstage with the Beatles and he said that there was a saying in Europe in the 60ths:You wont find

    alot of bass players being as good as Mccartney.But also you would not find alot of drummers being as bad as Ringo.--I like him playing the Beatles songs

    but this was supposed to be a voting for drummers.The Police in opposit to Carl Palmer and Alan White??.

  6. The music scene had changed by this time period (late seventies)... punk was the new thing and the days of the bloated rock star were numbered. Jimmy Page tried to stay hip to what was going on with the punk scene and tried to connect with young fans (e.g cutting out all the excessive solos)

    Right ! Even John used only one timpani during the tour 1980.But I think that this did not work perfectly.Apart from everything else LZ is not real punk.

    So Jimmy has left highlights (drumsolo) and alot of glamour (dragon clothes) but did not get the reaction he wanted (I saw 3 concerts of the tour).

    I doubt that he would not have changed that again if they would have toured the US lateron.So he used the Nazi clothes during the first gigs of the 1977 tour.

    Probably to provoke.Than he changed his clothes very soon....

  7. This is real fun.I wonder if there is also a main message behind the whole stories.

    I think I had a comic of Ozzy once.

    Also I still look for a good drawer for a project too.So contact me if you know any.

    Mine would not be a Zeppelin comic but I could imagen alot of new comics

    about them comming out soon with all the modern technic that could be used for it today

  8. I know a hughe fan of her who even organized a tour with her a few years ago.

    He was impressed by her dark power and said you can not compare her with any other woman.

    It was the time when JPJ was around with "Diamond".I told him about this strong woman and

    (after he saw a clip of them )he had to agree that she had alot of the real power of Tura.

  9. Thanks alot for the link.

    The material is nice but not mindblowing.When I heard about this giant lineup I expected they compose a mixture of:

    "Close to the edge" and "Dazed and Confused".This would have been a new masterpiece.

    So maybe we are lucky that they stopped this project in a short time.

  10. They had problems without Bonzo.

    If there is someone else singing ,than there would be only 2 members left.

    .......In the end you may end up listenning to a complete coverband...

    Not only that.Ok, people like to hear the old numbers but I doubt it that it was a good idear

    of "Qween" to gig with Rogers.I liked Paul´s voice much more than the one of Freddy but this was a big break for me..

  11. Why do you think that Zep is special to you. For myself. They are special because all the players bring there unique brand to the band. Some bands the bass is monotonous or the drums are standard. In Zep each one is a character that plays off of each other.

    I like the way the albums were produced. The song structure. The twisty riffs and atmosphere. For example. When I hear in In my time of Dying. I feel like I am in a mine shaft going through a mountain trying to get to heaven. I go slowly and then speed up and then slow down. MMHop. I feel like I am a Concert in the Park. Like Central Park in NYC or Golden Gate Park. I have spent time in both. I love Roberts improvised lyrics live. I love that Bonzo somehow kept his sound live. I actually think he is the best player. I also liked that Jonesy always made his bass lines sing and never just fell into the thud thud, like AcDc. I love how Jimmy was a master at his Electric guitar and how his Acoustic sounds delecate.

    Variety was the key to Zep as well. Also their personality was really into the way they played there instruments. Robert's voice to me has a warm joyful exuberance that can get sexual or groove orientated. Put it this way. He never sounds evil. Bonzo has this very tribal way he plays as well. I actually feel like Bonzo is like the God of Thunder. Thor. He likes being in that heavy action packed groove. JPJ to me has a playfulness about his playing. He always tries to make sure that his baselines don't just follow the guitar riffs exactly. Jimmy to me is a Wizard with his guitar. Its like he always can make it sound different. Like Hendrix and Vanhalen. Although Hendrix sounds like a Voodoo Priest and Vanhalen like a Rocketship. Thats just my imagery. I like that they don't swear in the lyrics. or come across as crass and rude.

    When I hear them speak. Jimmy has a very delicate voice so I see his Acoustic work as being his true essence. Yet underneath that. He is a man of Action. JPJ to me has a funky joy about him. When I hear him talk. There seems to be a playfullness about whatsoever is on his mind. Bonzo. In interviews to me always seems like he is ready for action. If he was not a drummer. I could see him being in the military/Hunter of some sorts. Robert as I said before. Sounds joyous.

    To me no other rock band has come close to how I feel about them. The only other musical entity that comes close is James Brown.

    You named alot of things I could also mention.It is realley the combination of them.The solo projects where not bad but not as hot as the old Zeppelin music.

    So it was the right decision not to continue with a new drummer.Growing up with their music I was in deep meditations when hearing the violin bow sound...

    With their light energy and the constant search for new musicall dimensions LZ had powered my own intrest for new idears too .

  12. I can agree with that- I will say they really extended the Trampled Underfoot, Stairway to Heaven and Whole Lotta LOve at that last show in Berlin though so time doesn't seem to be at the upmost thought lol.

    I was in Berlin .

    I think it was a spontanious decision of Jimmy talking to Robert.But not the best one cause his guitar was out of tune and he was helpless onstage at this moment.

  13. The interview didn't go well?

    I had a list of questions about his lyrics.But he shattered everything saying that all this is just ment as a joke.

    OK they had to do interviews and don ´t want to do it all the time.But what could I do in this situation ? I felt mocked.

  14. Because success also requires song writing skills. That's why someone like Kurt Cobain could become a huge success.

    He was just a mediocre guitar player, but he could write some catchy tunes.

    This might be a good answere.Hendrix was hitting the top of the hitlist like Page/Zep.

    But I feel a bit unconfortable that May would not be well known without Freddy.

    Maybe somebody in here knows a place where to find all the great unknown heroes.

  15. Being a guitar god myselve I was knocked out by speed.This has changed.Up to a certain point it is not sensefull to try to get faster like boring youtube stuff.....

    Jimmy Page said you got to put your personality into your playing.He is right.Hendrix was a big performer not a poser but the opposite to Clapton f.e onstage.

    The late 60th were a so called time of change.

    So in the end it is -all together -a big myth Hendrix becomming and remaining the best of all times.

    I don´t wanne talk mean about this great player but think about reasons for the votings.

    Also Page is a bandman while Hendrix was the only frontman of his band.

    Another thing is that this votings are often manipulated,Have a guess how often I was voted being the best one ?

    There is alot of money involved in the music scene. There won´t be an argue between the recordcompanies if the

    winner is always a legend and dead guy who is no danger for the own product anymore.

    Howe was often voted for being the best one .I think Rolling stones mag.77.

    His performance I saw 5 months ago was a sad one. Wonder how we gonna play if we reach his age.

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