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  1. I think Robert said that they were to old now for the running numbers.Therefore they may have choosen this title instead of ALS.One of the very less things being wrong for me at the O2. but a pitty anywhere.
  2. Before 1980 I only saw them at Knebworth.Unfortunally.And this gig was not a good one in many ways.
  3. They did not play this titles during the shows I have seen in Dortmund,Cologne,Berlin.I do not play the last album.I think they should have added "Wearing" to it.
  4. Jimmy often said he made mistakes during solo. I have problems to hear this till today. There must be something wrong with my ears. Who gives a f....? And to break the line even furtheron. The first feedbacks and distortions being produced by a guitar were so called mistakes. You know how we think about this mistakes today. Zep was open in every direction not only into the one "Free Jazz". So maybe someone in here can tell me how to judge what a mistake is.
  5. You seem to be my man.Is there a chance to listn to your music? Do you got a blog or something?
  6. I had about 15 records of Ozzy and BS but after I have made an interview with him never listened to one again.Guess why!
  7. For me they are a great band.Just one little thing.When I made an interview with Joey his voicesound turned into a silly one after I switched off the taperecording. So alot of posing that fans do not know most of the time. But I guess this is typicall for the US.They want to build a "perfect product".Led Zep was diffrent.
  8. Wonder where (youtube?) to get the clip he used during one of the first solotours?Including the flight of a falcon....
  9. It is not that heavy and therefore he likes it more than others .That´s what Robert told me before his first Solo Album was brought out.
  10. Achilles.I was a great admirer of this hero even before they released this track.So when I first heard it ,it was as if I´ve heard it a million times before.Everything was fitting together perfectly. TSRTS is also hughe.My friend always loved this song though he was never into their music. I always thought:Why didn´t they named the 5th album TSRTS ? Than they used the named for the great movie and I think this is another analogy between me and the spirit of Zeppelin. As far as I know ALS ,TSRTS and "Ten years gone" were ment to be pure instrumentals at first.Than Robert added his vocalp
  11. Right! Lots of musicians work like that today.-Posting riffs in the web and strangers add other instruments to that.You can decide what you like....
  12. I thank them for supporting my life.That is the reason for me to

    keep this power without living in the past !

  13. -If you think you can not live without their music anymore. -If you are asked to compare them with any other band but feel helpless to do so. -If you are not able to critisize them.The band was often unfair cririsized that´s why we don´t really like that.But the group also said they can stand fair critics. -If you trie to defend the magic of them against "Zeppelinhaters"- even if there is no reason for it. (I remember I nearly dropped a girl of Atlantic records out of the car -only coz she argued about the last tour....)
  14. Which one ? He´s got so many. There is no reason for an argue as long as you are not into this drug of music and the dealer is going to let you wait. Apart from that : What the h... was going on during the mix of the bbc session ? Why did Jimmy turn his great guitarsound (compare the official sound with the radio version!!) into a flat one ? But to write down something nice about his pastzeppelin work : The "In my time of dying" version of the DVD is really the best (I thought even before the release) and the sound is fantastic.So thanks alot Jimmy .
  15. Yes.But Jason was not an exact Copy of Bonzo. At the O2 they seem to be very concentrated to show it themselve and the audiance once again. It seems that after the tragic end of the 77 tour there was a bit of a fracture. No live solos,acoustics and the "In through..." record with boring keys and sounds. I was enthusiastic at the last shows but the power was at the O2 even though the view was real sh......
  16. F...hell.Jimmy just put a spell on me a minute ago! I wrote a long post that turned out to be a general critic....and it just disappear! So I will come back to this later. For now: In 1976/77 my life changed (Presence/Film/US tour). After Jimmy said in lots of interviews he got a fat studio/ a guitarsynth/ epic material I was in heaven.Waiting for the next enlightning.But what happened?!? A " Death Wish" that did not show long instrumentals, no power or even soundexperiments of the older releases.Solo stuff that did not reach even the strengts of the "L.rising" soundtrack.... Maybe h
  17. "Tea" and "Achilles" were the eternal masterpieces lots of the masses ignore. But if you ask a real fan he will put this numbers on his top ten list. So I agree with you but would say that it was exactly the 1977 tour where the Guitarsolo and the "Achilles" live version even went over the top.
  18. I can agree to that.I saw 3 P/P gigs and during one show Robert even asked the audience:"Can you feel it?" And everybody could feel it! But still it was diffrent from the 77 era.
  19. Thanks for the advices. All pics of the 1980 tour. I will let you know after I relax and be able to work on this project furtheron.
  20. Jimmy used the Telecaster I think he got from Jeff Beck for great numbers.If this guitar is the right one and will return into his hands we are hungry to wait for the sounds he will produce with this instrument.
  21. Not absolute right.I saw some of it at youtube. I guess Seattle it was.There is also a complete show around.But nothing official and not the best showand quality... I guess they will release this stuff lateron.
  22. I was completely obsessed by them scince the US 77 tour.But all concerts I saw (Knebw 1/Dortmund,Cologne,Berlin1980,) did not give me the force of the early BBC sessions or the badgeholders bootleg.They did not play very long solos (Bonzo f.e.) no acoustic set. I am still not into their last studio-album,too. ---I was taken away by the ALS in cologne (never using drugs apart their sound) but listning to the youtube version now I cannot recall this feeling. The O2 show was the best Zep for me but Jason was luckily not a perfect copy of Bonzo so it was diffrent. In Berlin I cannot tell wh
  23. I found some realley great unknown Zepphotos in a box. How can I publish this stuff best ? How can I keep money and copyrights? How to even find out wether I or someone else still got the copyright. (Honestly can not even remember wether I shot them) Sorry for this nonprofessional request but the pics. are really great and worth to think about a realese.
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