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  1. I cannot tell about all tours coz I was young and there is little demo stuff of early days like the great howling BBC sessions... This is not an easy question also because during later tours they could play stuff they hadnot had before. So I think the US 77 one is still the best .Long instrumentals and an acoustic set that I missed very much at Knebworth or the 80 tour. They played "Achilles" the fav. of me and plenty of others. There were also Good and Bad Times during the 77 tour but the Badgeholders Concerts showed power and perfection I could not find lateron.-Unfortunally!!I st
  2. I watched one of the last concerts in Berlin.When they were about to play "Achilles" Jimmy turned talking to Robert.Than they didn´t play it-unfotunally!! Why ,it is my all time favorite? After that Jimmy tried to play "White summer" but the guitar was out of tune.He seems to be shy (!) alone onstage and excuses to the audience. After the guitar was fixed he was still nervous.
  3. At the DVD of Zep you only find little pictures of the US 1977 tour. I wonder why? It seemed to be one of their best tours. Even Robert told me once that he thought the "badgeholder" bootleg of their LA show is great.
  4. Why didn´t he ever released his "guitar armee mighty sound odd project" as promised in severall interviews in 1977 ? Maybe someone in here knows that.
  5. Is this a joke? Never thought he´s got one.But it is strange to hear that. Hermann a German guitar hero always says that Jimmy and John were his main influences though they are so diffrent.
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