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  1. June 28 Toronto Well, of course they are too lewd for their fallen angel souls. That's off the top. source: wiki Unskinny Bop By Poison
  2. My boyfriend and I saw Paul Rodgers in concert with BB King one time. We had a great time that night.
  3. No need to apologize. You both deserve better treatment than that.
  4. He probably just looks for the right buyer. I would imagine that he likes to move around easily and knowing that the properties are left in good hands.
  5. I hope that was a soft ball.
  6. Maybe it's a response to the local job market. People must be marketable, and to that end they avoid the scarlet letter syndrome. Have you read Nathaniel Hawthorne's book?
  7. A little history... allsaintschurchwindsor.co.uk/pages/history/dedworth_through_the_ages wiki/Clewer_Mill_Stream
  8. Currently the temperature is 103°F at 6:30 PM. Today's high was 107°F, and the low was 79°F. Tomorrow morning's low is expected to be 77°F.
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