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  1. June 28 Toronto Well, of course they are too lewd for their fallen angel souls. That's off the top. source: wiki Unskinny Bop By Poison
  2. My boyfriend and I saw Paul Rodgers in concert with BB King one time. We had a great time that night.
  3. No need to apologize. You both deserve better treatment than that.
  4. He probably just looks for the right buyer. I would imagine that he likes to move around easily and knowing that the properties are left in good hands.
  5. I hope that was a soft ball.
  6. Maybe it's a response to the local job market. People must be marketable, and to that end they avoid the scarlet letter syndrome. Have you read Nathaniel Hawthorne's book?
  7. A little history... allsaintschurchwindsor.co.uk/pages/history/dedworth_through_the_ages wiki/Clewer_Mill_Stream
  8. Currently the temperature is 103°F at 6:30 PM. Today's high was 107°F, and the low was 79°F. Tomorrow morning's low is expected to be 77°F.
  9. I wasn't even thinking about that, only the drive home that morning. And I thought they had already left. It surprised me that they were still there. But they were leaving that morning, just not as soon as I expected.
  10. 108°F at 4:00 pm Today's forecast was changed to 109°F/81°F.
  11. And I went to this one, too. Had a hard time staying home that week, so I gave up and hung out in at the Forum. ledzeppelin.com/video/l-6-23-77-w-keith-moon
  12. Yesterday's high was 110°F. At 12:15 am it has cooled to 96°F, which means that it is safe to venture outside of the air-conditioned zone. Today's forecast is 108°F/81°F.
  13. And they are in the news. Some learning takes place on the sidewalk, which at times functions as a classroom, otherwise known as "the debate". ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ By Fernanda Santos nytimes.com
  14. You're right. They've made cuts. It appears there is a trend for schools to develop academies. You could scope out the academies to see if any of them address the issue of mathematics for advanced learners. But then you also need to evaluate if your child would be happy learning at that institution. So much depends on how the kids react to their new surroundings. One strategy would be to find an academy that provides instruction in advanced mathematics at your child's level that he could take just a few hours part-time, that would easily fit into his current school schedule, so he would not have to change schools, but be enrolled full-time in his current school and part-time in the advanced academy. You would probably need to get permission from the full-time school if there were any scheduling conflicts. Seeing as he has surpassed their levels in math, they would probably allow him to attend a more suitable course elsewhere and consider the credit to be transferable to their own institution, or at least a better option in lieu of what they can currently offer, in order not to hold him back from his achievement levels. An academy might offer weekend seminars that would be fun and fit easily into his schedule. Then you would not need to get permission over scheduling issues. Then there is the cost to consider and whether or not there is an issue of affordability. education.gov.uk nationalstrategies.standards.dcsf.gov.uk/giftedandtalented education.gov.uk/schools/leadership/typesofschools/academies
  15. I have consistently received compliments on my handwriting throughout the years. Apparently my teachers did a good job giving me instruction and practice in that area. But I do well at drawing, too. Maybe they could offer a course in calligraphy to allow the students more practice in developing their handwritten communications. As for spelling, we frequently had spelling bees. In regards to grammar, we took turns reading aloud to our class members, so everyone was exposed to the same readings. If the teachers heard any improper grammar, they would explain the difference and the reason for it; for instance, the use of the word ain't. Ain't is an expression that does not utilize proper grammar, but it is commonly used and it's meaning is usually understood. Our teachers loved grammar and carefully explained the structure of sentences. Our assignments included book reviews, essays, poetry and creative writing, and they would patiently note any errors in grammar.
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