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  1. The Now and Zen concert was great. The way I would say the show was like how you would see Def Leppard right now. Thats the way it came off to me. On Heven Knows and Billy's Revenge. Robert reved his voice up to Zeppelin level.

  2. Im gonna buy a black dog! why didnt I think of that before? Oh yes I'll probaby have a communication breakdown with the misses!
  3. Yes thats it The Tower House London!, now haunted by A Crowley and Richard Harris Agh!
  4. Ah yes The Dovey valley. Great real life story, thanks for sharing
  5. Hello there from England, nice to here from you over there in the U.S what a post! I guess that you encountered Page in the U.S. If you were at Jimmy's residence in London, then its quite an interesting house I think It was owned previously by Alistair Crowley?, How you would sleep in that, I dont know?. Death wish- I think Mr Winner was Jimmy's neighbour, I sort of remember a great moody guitar thing going on somewhere in the 1st film that I liked. I have seen Plant interviewed several times on U.K T.V, he comes across exactly as you describe him.
  6. Hi there, 1st post from the U.S nice to here from you This is what they played that night. Look at the length of time they were on stage. Setlist: 01. Intro 02. Rock And Roll 03. Sick Again 04. Over The Hills And Far Away 05. In My Time Of Dying 06. The Song Remains The Same 07. The Rain Song (cut in middle due to tape flip) 08. Kashmir 09. Since I've Been Loving You 10. No Quarter (cut in middle due to tape flip) 11. Trampled Underfoot 12. Moby Dick (cut in middle due to tape flip) 13. Dazed And Confused (cut in middle due to tape flip) 14. Stairway To Heaven 15. Whole Lotta
  7. YOU GOT THE BALL ROLLING !!! thank you Didn't the Von Zeppelin family- creators of the famous airship that flew on that day dispute the band including there family name in the band name?
  8. Hey all, I have just joined, so I thought of starting this new topic "Loose connections to the band" a cataloge of real life stories of meetings or connections, there must be some stories? My mother used to be in the employ of Mr Glyn Johns, Brother of Andy Johns who i'm sure you know was the bands sound engineer for some time. I used to get taken up to the Country estate/ studio here in Sussex often. I don't know If the Brothers collaborated, but if they did, I'm sure some material was mixed there? thats all I have, but its a start right?
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