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  1. total agree with you.but he surely got reasons not doing this.maybe he don´t want to stick in the old times too much.
  2. You are my man.I can not understand why so many listeners don´t care about the prebow solos.So intense.Straight fast energy. ---Complete agree what you wrote about the technical perfection.But where to drop the line of disliked instrumentals?. I can listen to the soundeffects of the 77 banner solo for ages but I could not get into the Quoter instrumental of Knebworth.though I was there.Just aske where to find more long instrumantals like DAC.
  3. You mentioned about the 3 nights. Just want to know .Did they pick up diffrent version for the list of the later release or did they mix diffrent parts of the nights to complete one song.I saw TSRTS in about 20 diffrent cinemas and heard diffrent parts.Is it true that they even overdubbed material for TSRTS ?
  4. I can assure you that you are not the only one being nuts.I am crasy about this special versions and don´t care about the sound.Sometimes I think a bootleg sound even beats the official releases. The bbc session tube sound is so mindblowing that I have no explaination why Jimmy mixed it down to a flat one. What kind of fan would like Dolly P reducing her boobs? Well I am not always opposite to J.selections.The IMTOD of the DVD has an incredible sound.I liked this version best long before this release.(Earls court bootleg).But with all respect not alot of hardcore fans can agree with Jimm
  5. I guess this was a hard question and my idear was to hear abour your oppinion.now I know what kind of shows I got to look for.Personally I like the earliest gigs very much but they seem to be so diffrent from the later concerts.Every period got a diffrent taste.Impossible to compare.But this makes the whole subject so great even such a long time after the end of the band.
  6. where can i get it and why is the tsrts version so underrated although alot of parts are played by fans at youtube?
  7. years ago there was written in a bad mag that the band was filmed again in a studio lateron because the original filmed live material was to bad.is this true?
  8. Thanks alot!!I got to listn carefully but there are some minutes lost (around 5.40 minutes...)
  9. This is a great topic.Thanks for the pics that gives an impression how many diffrent poeople of any age are into Zep. It seems that there are not alot of coloured poeople in here. Anyhow I don´t wanne frighten you with a picture of myselve.
  10. I had no oppinion about Todd but he made alot of us angry in Knebworth.--- Round midday someone played "Rock and Roll" (Studio version) through the PA system. There was a bigger applause for this than for all the bands playing live before Zep. Than Todd was gigging and he was playing endless encores though there was noone shouting for this. For this reason Zep entered the stage much to late and as we know it was not their best gig. I don´t wanne make him responsible for this.Just say what happened this day.
  11. If Munich was the last Zep live performance of this great song I like to hear it.Where can I find this one? Also intresting to see they did it there. The same city where the song was recorded.
  12. Thank alot!!! This is the title but the JP version was not a live recording.Want to know for sure if it was JP playing the part of Mc laughling ?
  13. What do you think about the recordingsounds in generally? The old sounds (Good times bad times) fit much better than the néwer once(In the evening). It not a Zep thing only .Compare:"Honky tonk" woman with newer recordings of the Stones.
  14. Yeah.I love this so much though I am not a big blues fan.The laughing is exact at the right moment and supports the great feeling. Wonder why that is not mentioned often.These recordings have alot of natural energy you won´t find this in later productions.
  15. I had a recording (before 76) that included an outstanding guitar solo.Really sounded like Jimmy. Called "Sky flame" (?) of Jazzdrummer Lenny White and Ken Hensly of "Uriah Heep" playing organ. Well all this informations are just rumores.But maybe someone in here knows more about this instrumental and where to get it now.
  16. Great answere !-- What you wrote about Vai is the same I feel about Al Di Meola.JazzRock often played without emotions -opposite to Mclaughlin. Just when I trie to reach new dimensions with my own playing I get "out of tune" sometimes.But who cares? Punk or trash metal is real freedom from this point of view.
  17. Agree to that.I still remember Robert saying this as the only intro. I don´t have a problem JP taking off feedbacks but whole parts of a song. He took off Roberts fantastic intro of "How many more times" at the BBC session and the middlepart during "In my time of dying" (Earls Court).Why ??? These are parts of magic moments. I absolutly agree with what you said about the live improvisation. and for this reason do not understand the reason of Jimmies way of producing now. Sometimes he wants to please everybody I fear.This is not the Zeppower without compromises. He turned the great
  18. This sounds very nice.Just wonder what he and the listeners want to acchieve. Maybe it is intresting to hear someone playing like JP but than (to not just being a copy) he should publish alot of own material that showes his personal work. This would be a nice theme for another topic to ask who started like JP and keeps his own fire burning now.
  19. I vote for "In my time of dying".Unusual song with pure energy.
  20. I saw "Carlos Nunez" a famous piper from spane.Great music and performance.
  21. I can´t agree with you about your list and to bring this to an end I was astonished and very pleases to hear FYL live at the 02.
  22. Agree to that.But I wonder if Lennon would publish diffrent songs today. The only guy who really won´t do the same things like in his beginnings is Peter Gabriel. Is the post-Zeppelin work so diffrent from their main work ? Luckily or not I don´t think they developed furtheron and maybe nobody could reach higher horizones. So this is a problem with a "best of list" too. I am not into the modern bands but I find it hard to compare them with our heroes..
  23. You are right.In Britain "Beatles " were a bit of an opposite to the "Stones" and you won´t find them being considered as a Rock band. This is very diffrent from the US or the continent. They had some great songs and also heavy numbers but their image was a diffrent one.
  24. Jimmy overdyed his hair during the first P&P tour. He looks good now I think but I heard about grannies age of 84 who had only very little grey hair.
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