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  1. This is a great topic.Thanks for the pics that gives an impression how many diffrent poeople of any age are into Zep. It seems that there are not alot of coloured poeople in here. Anyhow I don´t wanne frighten you with a picture of myselve.
  2. I vote for "In my time of dying".Unusual song with pure energy.
  3. I saw "Carlos Nunez" a famous piper from spane.Great music and performance.
  4. Agree to this. Usually I hate impersonator though Jimmy keeps us waiting.I think it is better to watch and listn to the real Zep stuff. But I got to admit that I was impressed by the great Youtube 77 tour copy. Maybe cause I never saw the real 77shows anywhere.
  5. As Led Zeppelin Manowar was often critisized in an unfair way. Just want to know who is into their music.
  6. Thanks for this info.Nevertheless it is a question why he used this outfit onstage.
  7. Just before using his white Dragon suit onstage he was wearing a Nazi-uniform.
  8. I thought this suits realley fit him best.During the Earls Court perf. you can even see some astrolog. symbols being placed on his legs. Jimmy was always into the " audiovisual" art.So his suit were not just a fashion thing. It is intresting to see that he changed the main colour from black into white 1977.Why did he do this after so many years? Some people see an analogy of him never wearing the suits anymore and the change of his creativity 1977. So the title of this topic "Fate of the Dragon Suits " suits very well. But though I missed the suits in Knebworth and later tours I think he was a great, magicall artist right from the beginning of Led Zep when he was never wearing a Dragon suit onstage.
  9. 1.Achilles last stand 2.Ramble on 3.Battle of evermore 4.Tea for one 5.How many more times 6.Out on the tiles 7.The song remains the same 8.In my time of dying 9.When the levee breaks 10.Bron yr aur stomp Just my list for today.Yes, live versions are always better for me.
  10. Just some more info about this. Thyssen Krupp was not existing when the 4 Symbols came out.But Krupp was ! Krupp (company and family) only got the 3 Rings as their symbol.Not the rest of the pic shown here. They made the best steal (tanks WW2). So all this even fits better ! Krupp was based in Essen /Germany.LZ played one of their best concerts there as far as people can remember. Steele is a part of Essen.The symbol of this place is also a 3 Ring but with the one below.When I rambled around there in childhood times I always moaned:"Steal away,Rosy,steal away!" I suggested that Steal and Steele were related words.
  11. In another topic we asked in a fair way about answeres.-Look at that too!! No reply! You won´t tell me Jimmy is not reading the posts of his own forum? If so and even his administraters in here are not willing or able to give us the answeres, than it is no wonder that people get angry. OK he is our master-no doubt about this!But he really keeps us waiting.WHY???????Not any f. easy explaination ! How many of his admires died in the meantime without any new cosmic inspiration scince ALS ? Jimmy got this devine talent.From my point of view it is his part to share it with his fans. If he is sick he should tell this to his followers.Apart from that with the modern techn. it is no problem for him to get any (!) music together even with riffs he played ages ago !! Maybe he wants to live and play in the presence.Maybe he fears a bad feedback of the listeners.( I still would die for him, but his pastzeppelin stuff is not incredible!).Lot of "Maybe"s. What mojo wrote is not an insult. You also would say that to a friend ? Jimmy often said and showed that he is a Rocker.So I guess he can take that. I am not the one to tell Jimmy what to do but as far as I can tell he never wanted to have a blind followship. So this words are just ment as an explaination of the fans being disappointed and a bit of an inviting for him to rise again .
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