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  1. There is no such rule in the NFL rule book. (There is guidance in the operations manual -but not a rule, so no contractual violation.) I think you were reading some Facebook fake news.
  2. J Geils - Blow your face out Talking Heads - Stop Making Sense Both great party albums. Make me want to dance. Never saw either band live. The Who - Live at Leeds Great band at their peak. My favorite live album. Roger sounds fantastic.
  3. Johnette Napolitano Shirley Manson
  4. Lol. There is a12page thread about RP's new album and 13 pages about JP's non-existent new music and tour. I don't think jimmy is purposefully yanking our chain, I think he is lying to himself. I doubt he'll ever tour or produce new music again.
  5. That 's hilarious. If Jimmy page wanted to rock n roll, what the hell is he waiting for. The fans are waiting for him to do something and apparently he can't without Robert. Pretty sad.
  6. I get it. You're pissed. You hate the new stuff, you hate that he does old stuff. You want the real Led Zep (or as close as it can get minus one member). Face it it's not going to happen, don't let it bother you so much. Personally, I like the new stuff. I'm glad that RP is doing what he wants and that JPJ is doing what he wants, and even that JP is busy reliving/re-mastering the Zep catalog. I hope someday JP writes a new song, or even performs an old song, but I'm not holding my breath.
  7. I believe in an interview with the BBC in April, when asked if there was any chance of a Led Zeppelin reunion, Robert replied "Zero". Pretty clear and to the point. He should just stick to that answer every time he's asked.
  8. What would be the point? Do you really think that is what Jimmy wants? What would you as a fan get out of a one-off in a pub? Do you really think it would end there or would everyone on this board be demanding a world tour even those who thought a one off in a pub would suffice? Everything must come to an end and I think the O2 was a pretty good show to end with.
  9. You're not the first person to think this but you're wrong. I've copied and pasted the below points from the RO board basically outlines the time frames of releases. Poster #1. Hmmm...I'm actually looking forward to this. I might have my timelines wrong but I would vote 'no' on the 02 being around the bend...I think traditionally the 'flow' of releases is/are: 1. A zep related thingy gets launched/promoted. 2. Robert conducts a silent two to three week snap count and then launches something 'solo related' to ride the crest of the Zep stuff. Poster #2. Your timelines are WAY off. It's actually the complete opposite...for every Plant release. Pictures At Eleven 6/82 > Coda 11/82 Manic Nirvana 3/90 > Remasters 10/90 Fate Of Nations 5/93 > Box Set II and The Complete Studio Recordings 9/93 Plant..nothing between 93 and 02 > BBC 11/97 and Early Days 2/02 > Dreamland 7/02 > Latter Days 11/02 (Dreamland is about the closest any releases ever were...and were meaningless for Zep IMO) HTWWW 5.03 > Mighty Rearanger 4/05 > Mothership 11/07 > BOJ 9/10 Not once in his solo career has Plant steped on Zep's shoes or rode their coattails when it came to coinciding record release dates/promotion. Class act! I'm also not sure that I understand this obsession with birthdays. Outside my immediate family, I don't keep track of anyone's birthday, especially someone I don't even know. It's just a day that passed relatively unacknowledged by anyone one publicly other than on fanboards and possibly in the musician communities. RP announcing a somewhat small tour on JP's birthday is only pissing off a small percentage of somewhat fanatical fans. Who knows if it was even Robert who made the decision to announce it then or a publicist.
  10. There is a big difference between going shopping or attending shows and playing. He has a documented history of tendonitis and broken fingers so it is probable that there is some arthritis and he's been saying for years that there will be a solo project next year. I doubt that we'll ever get a definitive position from JP, why should he? I'm just glad that RP and JPJ are still out there playing and I hope to see one of the other this year.
  11. You have no idea if he is still physically capable of playing to any extent at this point. Has he played anything at all in the last six years? He also has not been banging the reunion drum to the best of my knowledge. Most 70 year olds are retired from their life's work, perhaps he has. You might believe he'd be there with bells on, but you don't know that. Maybe he's happy having RP be the bad guy in the press. Oh, and if JPJ has any say in this, I believe he is busy writing an opera.
  12. The entire interview is really funny if you can find it on line. The interviewer is really good, I don't know who he is but he asked some interesting questions.
  13. I believe that they are hydrangeas. I have been in Rhode Island for approximately 10 minutes enroute to Cape Cod, but these photos make me want to visit. Good job, please continue.
  14. That is one of my favorite salads also. We grow beets in our garden, roast them and freeze them to use throughout the winter. Yum!
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