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  1. There is no such rule in the NFL rule book. (There is guidance in the operations manual -but not a rule, so no contractual violation.) I think you were reading some Facebook fake news.
  2. J Geils - Blow your face out Talking Heads - Stop Making Sense Both great party albums. Make me want to dance. Never saw either band live. The Who - Live at Leeds Great band at their peak. My favorite live album. Roger sounds fantastic.
  3. From this month's National Geographic: http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/2013/08/sugar/cohen-text
  4. Mustard, grainy or Dijon. It will thicken it a little too.
  5. I first heard of the Black Keys after reading an interview with Robert Plant in 2005(?) where he said he had been really digging their new album. The album was Rubber Factory. I was into it from the first note, and it's still my favorite. I like how each of their albums have retained their core sound, but still evolved. I also think it is interesting how they have allowed their music to be used frequently in commercials, tv shows and movies. I know they are making a lot of money by doing this, but it also gets their music out there in the public consciousness which has really helped with their recent popularity. Saw them in 2008 and will be seeing them again in April. Also really liked Dan's work with Dr. John on Locked Down.
  6. I believe that it is Ian Stewart on piano. Hence the name, Boogie with Stu. It is just a silly, fun song that makes me happy. I also love Poor Tom, especially the drumming. Don't know why.
  7. I saw the show in the Pittsburgh last week. Same set I think except encore was Like a Hurricane (12 minutes). It was loud. My ears were ringing for two days. Highlights for me were Powderfinger, Walks like a Giant, Needle and the Damage Done. I am looking forward to the album. 12 songs in two hours, my only complaint was the feedback guitar stomps after Walks like a Giant went on too long. Saw Celebration Day this week and I had the same thought. How tight and intune with each other they seemed to be. What a good time they were having. And boy these old dudes can rock! I love Neils voice and he sounded great. Very funny man too, some of his comments were hilarious. I think it was in the encore that a keyboard "dressed" like a psychedelic angel came down from the ceiling. It was like the stonehenge scene from Spinal Tap. Frank was having a hard time playing it because it was swaying around suspended from cables. I thought it was a great show. http://www.post-gazette.com/stories/ae/music-reviews/concert-review-neil-young-and-crazy-horse-rock-like-a-hurricane-656941/
  8. I don't know how you remember concerts in such detail. I always enjoy reading your posts and am amazed at your recollection. I believe that you said once that you had kept a journal, I wish that I had done that. My recollections of set-lists fade within days. I've actually believed that an artist has performed a song that they didn't. I'll admit that I was under the influence of something for many shows, but for others have been completely sober and still do not have a clear memory. I will remember "flashes" from the evening very clearly though. My first concert was Boston and Eddie Money at the Civic Arena in Pittsburgh on March 26, 1979. I had to look that up online, because I no longer have the ticket stub. I was 15 and my mom agreed that I could go since my friends very responsible uncle would take us. He immediately ditched us at the door, after giving us a handful of little airplane bottles of booze. I was not an Eddie Money fan, but I do know I enjoyed his set. I really wanted to see Boston. I was a big fan of their first two albums and had even done a silk screen t-shirt of their first album cover in art class, I remember that we were sitting really high up and that I had brought my grandfathers binoculars which I left at the concert and am still sad about. I'm sure they did all their hits, but no clear memories except what a great voice Brad Delp had and that Tom Schutz was really tall. I do remember how very loud it was and how my ears were ringing after the show. Uncle met us after the show and we went home.
  9. Not jumping into the fray here, buy I just saw U2 and there were a number of kids in my section. There were two girls that appeared to be about 9 and 11, with an older couple, I'm assuming their parents. Friends of mine routinely take their kids to concerts and have been since the kids were about 9 or 10. One friend (bad judgement) took her somewhat immature 8 year old to Tom Petty and did regret it because of the amount of weed and drunks. Point is, it is not unusual to see kids at shows. And finally I just met a couple of dead heads camping, and they take their 4 kids (all under 12) everywhere. The oldest 3 were at Lollapalooza.
  10. Big fan here. I've seen them once live and jeez can Dan rip on the guitar. I've got all of their albums, and am really into the latest (Brothers). Robert Plant was actually how I got turned on to them, he mentioned their album Rubber Factory in an interview and that he was a fan, so of course I had to investigate. They actually played at the local Arts festival for free last year but I was out of town and missed it. I was glad to see on SNL that Dan shaved his beard, that was godawful.
  11. I was excited to see him a couple of years ago. I could not understand a word he sang/said/mumbled, and he reworked the songs so drastically, I had no idea what song he was playing. I left after a few songs. That is the first time I ever left during a show.
  12. Question: Is there any difference between royalties and publishing rights?
  13. It's impossible to state that it was a poor financial decision without all of the facts. Since no one has been able to provide information on what Robert received in return, the key piece of information is missing. In hindsight it looks like a bad decision, but if, as someone laughingly suggested, he received whatever sum and invested it in Microsoft, he would be a financial genius. Regardless, once someone has made pots of money, their level of happiness does not increase by making more pots of money. Research has shown that once a person makes enough to cover the basics- shelter,food,health care - their level of happiness does not increase proportionally with their income. Generally, the things that make people happy are good relationships with family and friends, good health, and work or activities that they find enjoyable. Rumor has it the man turned down $200 million to reform Led Zeppelin for a world tour. I don't know if the amount is correct, but I'm sure it was up there. In any case, it's obvious that he is not motivated by money.
  14. I think the picture is reversed. He usually holds the mike in his right hand.
  15. Why would any of them wear colored contact lenses? If you are looking at photos, eye colors often appear different, especially light colored eyes. It's really that simple.
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