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    Photography, travelling & motorcycle-tours, storytelling in celtic tradition, the forests, mountains, valleys and rivers of my area where my heart and soul have their roots and wings....
  1. Auch schöne Grüße ins benachbarte Flachland - ich freu mich, hier ab und zu ein paar deutsche Wortfetzen zu hinterlassen! Erst kürzlich fand ich heraus, dass Dancinn' Days gerade mal schlappe 100 ks von mir wegwohnt. Wir treffen uns demnächst zum BBQ! Lg Tink

  2. Ah auch hallo aus dem Nachbarland um genau zu sein aus Venlo. Sah das du mein Profil angesehen hattest und wusste nicht wer du warst. Überraschenderweise jemand der die selbe Sprache spricht, lol, hier ist alles möglich.

  3. Vielen Dank auch! Mittlerweile ist man gar nicht mehr so scharf auf die Geburtstage - irgendwie ist man doch nicht mehr 20...:-) Hab' trotzdem gefeiert - mit ca. 30 Freunden am offenen Feuerplatz mit Faßbier und Gulasch aus dem Kessel.

    Lg Tink

  4. Damn....I did not even notice that your birthday is only a few days before mine. Du bist auch jungfrau :) Alles gute zum geburtstag nach traeglich!

  5. I don't have a bike but I have a pick up truck with 4 wheels. Not that I don't like bikes (rode dirt bikes as a kid) but it is too expensive and the weather is not that good in Germany. Have you ever taken a ride in the Bayreuth area? Very nice for riding.


  6. Hi zepyep!

    How are you?

    LOL Tinkerbell

  7. Hallo brspled,

    habe ein bisschen nach deutschen Wurzeln gegraben und herausgefunden, dass du einige Zeit in Buchloe gewohnt hast. Ich denke, das liegt Richtung Weiden? Ich wohne ca. 25 km von Regensburg entfernt, in Kelheim. Herzliche Grüße nach Sao Paulo! Lg Tinkerbell

  8. Be careful in using words and sending arrows from a bow. Spoken words and sent arrows can't be taken back. Don't lie. But the truth can be a sharp knife. Sometimes it is better to keep your secrets. Don't fool around with peoples emotions. Never break a cosmic law. The universe will punish you without mercy. Don't give an advice if you aren't ask for. And even if you are asked for be always aware that giving advices might be dangerous. Keep your responsibility for yourself at any time. Don't think or talk mean about other people. Be friendly to your neighbours. Show respect to elderly
  9. Nice idea to bring up a meeting but I'm not sure if there are any forum members in our region. Do you have a motorbike? If so we could try a meeting on wheels - the Regental and Naabtal are fantastic for biking!

  10. Oh....and thanks for the birthday wish....very sweet of you!

  11. Hi Tinkerbell, I have heard of Kelheim before but never knew exactly where it was. So I googled it and saw that it is not too far from here. We should get more fans living here and meet up sometime.DD

  12. Hi,

    I'm living in Kelheim about 100 km west from Weiden. My hometown is located near Regensburg (25 km). Ich wünsche Dir nachträglich alles Gute zum Geburtstag! Melde Dich, wenn Du mal in der Gegend bist! Lg Tinkerbell

  13. Hi Tinkerbell. Ich bin ein Ami und wohne in Deutschland. Ich wohne bei Weiden in der Oberpfalz. Ich kann nicht so gut Deutsch sreiben aber ich es siemlich gut sprechen. Was vor ein gegend wohnst du?


  14. Thank you for sharing all about Dzldoc with us, Literally Speaking! Your brother is such an awesome guy and I wish him all the best! I'm gonna ride on Ride on Ride on, standing on the edge of the road Ride on, thumb in the air Ride on, one of these days I'm gonna Ride on, change my evil ways Till then I'll just keep dragging on LUV Tinkerbell
  15. So, you are Irish? I must have been many times - but now there are a thousand years between! In this days I'm German but BIrish, which is in fact a big difference if it comes to a comparison with other parts of my country ... (Sorry, northern fellow Germans, but we all know very well how much our tempers are shifting ....) I'm still dancing with the faeries and I can't leave kissing tiny flowers....! Hey, had a stroll around the 6 Reasons the Irish Aren't So Lucky ...... Guess I should have a drink on you ...... Yeah, he's said to be trivial, but most people ARE trivial and so are
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