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  1. Auch schöne Grüße ins benachbarte Flachland - ich freu mich, hier ab und zu ein paar deutsche Wortfetzen zu hinterlassen! Erst kürzlich fand ich heraus, dass Dancinn' Days gerade mal schlappe 100 ks von mir wegwohnt. Wir treffen uns demnächst zum BBQ! Lg Tink

  2. Vielen Dank auch! Mittlerweile ist man gar nicht mehr so scharf auf die Geburtstage - irgendwie ist man doch nicht mehr 20...:-) Hab' trotzdem gefeiert - mit ca. 30 Freunden am offenen Feuerplatz mit Faßbier und Gulasch aus dem Kessel.

    Lg Tink

  3. Hi zepyep!

    How are you?

    LOL Tinkerbell

  4. Hallo brspled,

    habe ein bisschen nach deutschen Wurzeln gegraben und herausgefunden, dass du einige Zeit in Buchloe gewohnt hast. Ich denke, das liegt Richtung Weiden? Ich wohne ca. 25 km von Regensburg entfernt, in Kelheim. Herzliche Grüße nach Sao Paulo! Lg Tinkerbell

  5. Be careful in using words and sending arrows from a bow. Spoken words and sent arrows can't be taken back. Don't lie. But the truth can be a sharp knife. Sometimes it is better to keep your secrets. Don't fool around with peoples emotions. Never break a cosmic law. The universe will punish you without mercy. Don't give an advice if you aren't ask for. And even if you are asked for be always aware that giving advices might be dangerous. Keep your responsibility for yourself at any time. Don't think or talk mean about other people. Be friendly to your neighbours. Show respect to elderly people. Make real one of the things you always wanted to do once a week (maybe a walk in the forest, a visit in a museum.... or silly stuff like buying selfadhesive stars in a 1-€-Shop...:-). Yeah, and don't wear hippsters if you aren't in shape...... Enjoy your life and laugh as often you can! Tinkerbell
  6. Nice idea to bring up a meeting but I'm not sure if there are any forum members in our region. Do you have a motorbike? If so we could try a meeting on wheels - the Regental and Naabtal are fantastic for biking!

  7. Hi,

    I'm living in Kelheim about 100 km west from Weiden. My hometown is located near Regensburg (25 km). Ich wünsche Dir nachträglich alles Gute zum Geburtstag! Melde Dich, wenn Du mal in der Gegend bist! Lg Tinkerbell

  8. Thank you for sharing all about Dzldoc with us, Literally Speaking! Your brother is such an awesome guy and I wish him all the best! I'm gonna ride on Ride on Ride on, standing on the edge of the road Ride on, thumb in the air Ride on, one of these days I'm gonna Ride on, change my evil ways Till then I'll just keep dragging on LUV Tinkerbell
  9. So, you are Irish? I must have been many times - but now there are a thousand years between! In this days I'm German but BIrish, which is in fact a big difference if it comes to a comparison with other parts of my country ... (Sorry, northern fellow Germans, but we all know very well how much our tempers are shifting ....) I'm still dancing with the faeries and I can't leave kissing tiny flowers....! Hey, had a stroll around the 6 Reasons the Irish Aren't So Lucky ...... Guess I should have a drink on you ...... Yeah, he's said to be trivial, but most people ARE trivial and so are there greatest fears. And King is a master of pointing out all of them ..... very trivial indeed... LOL Aye, I will! After nearly five weeks I'm allowed to leave the hospital tomorrow. Someone bumped me off my Harley and I'm glad being as good as new after another 4 weeks in a rehabilitation clinic! Stay tuned! Tink
  10. Hey, cool that you are a Tolkien Fan as well, Zepy! From where did you pull this information out? I'm really interested in and would be glad if you were sharing it with me! Was there ever a 6 part issue or was it just an intention of J.R.R. Tolkien? If so, I wonder if there never was an attempt to release one. It would be a reference to the old story writer tradition Dickens once started. Well, it would be only a refernce because his stories were really published brand new in a certain timeline and readers were eagerly waiting for the story being continued (.... in his very beginning Charles Dickens published his stories in newspapers...) but I would appreciate it anyway! I was very fond of Stephen Kings "Green Mile" six month version which was the first issue of it and indeed meant as a reference to C.D. I was introduced to the LOTR books when I was twelve and I never really stopped reading it or other stuff about it. I'm deeply involved in the tale and somehow it intrigues me to start with the story telling in celtic tradition eventually. Tink
  11. Hi, Zep, I'm back from the deepest depths of Mordor - at least sometimes! Stay tuned, LOL Tink
  12. Lots of Led Zeps lyrics are with no doubt influenced by celtic mythologies and therefore there is of course a connection to LOTR - because Tolkiens work is also influenced by it. I would even go so far to say that it's Tolkiens personal and very elaborated interpretation of it. If Robert has made an announcement in the past that LZ lyrics hadn't to do anything with LOTR than it was somehow true but it was not. I agree with your statement simply enjoying the music (... and I am a hardcore Tolkien fan by the way...) but to be honest I don't really guess the intention of your explanation about Gollum when I try to bring it down to the statement you were refering. When Robert wrote " ... and he crept away with her..." then "her" is like the precious thing Gollum wanted to keep for himself and had therefor dearly tried to hide from its creator. You must not forget he had already killed for. Gollum is a symbol for a wretched being having found something keeping him alive - a precious and shimmering thing that is somehow making him and for which he would die - and this is in fact a strong theme showing up in celtic mythology again and again. In short: LZ words are full of messages of the ancient times when the earth was young. But what are you thinking of - the members of Led Zeppelin are English! LOL Tinkerbell
  13. Thanx everybody! Can we leave the bugs out.... ? Tink
  14. Hi there, it's so funny to watch this thread emerge to new life on exactly that day I went out the very first time with my Lady Of The Dawn! I passed my driving licence test on Wednesday, 4th of June, and today I took my first ride on my Nightster without being guided from my driving coach. When I came home I found Dzldoc's PM asking where the hell I've been so long! And there were several messages in my postbox saying there were new replies in my Houses Of The Harley thread after there was silence for several weeks. Isn't it funny? So, born to be wild folks! Ride on! LOL to you all out there in virtuell space! Tinkerbell
  15. Suz, you really have strange dreams! I perfectly can imagine Robert putting in lemons in thousands of holes and Jimmy is the totally dazed and confused greenkeeper watering the freshly Planted lemons with a yellow hose! Good Night Suz & Bomber! Sweet dreams! Tink
  16. Didn't get drunk - but I've got three more original Guiness glasses, a T-Shirt saying "Saint Patrick's Day 2008" on it's back and a silly hat with a shamrock making me look like a wizard amongst muggles! And - I made some new friends (of course...) during smoking in front of the ballroom!!! One of them is Irish (... of course...)! All in all - the evening was big fun! Tink
  17. Watching them making out is neither the point of Brokeback Mountain nor the intension of Annie Proulx. I tried to come through with the message of the story saying that it's pretty hard to follow your inner voice if there seems to be no way of any acceptance of society. And that people can break because they aren't able to stand for themselves. That happens all the time and not only with the indeed tough subject of standing for a gay predisposition. I do admit it's pretty ambitious from Annie to choose gay cowboys in a time where simply being gay was much more far beyond imagination than today in pointing out this fact. But it was very courageous, too. Tink
  18. Just wanted to express the answers from guys are stereotype all over the world. So, it's nothing wrong with you all .......
  19. Looking on this pic makes me wonder what the hell makes the difference between kissing chicks and kissing cowboys..... Such pics are made for horny men with ill ideas. How would you guys feel coming home finding your ladies redhanded with a girl in the bedroom? You should install a webcam at home, boys!
  20. Definately! I love it! And I'm glad having made an Irish connection! PS: Tonight I'm out for St. Patrick's Day! I'll have a drink on you! Tink
  21. All who posted in feedback for my Brokeback Mountain question: Thanx! And as a result there is nothing to say than "Aha, I see ......" Hey Dzldoc, the chick you posted in above is really nothing more than a chick! What has she done with her lips? Seems she had one or two blow jobs too much with a flame thrower the night before ...... By the way, what's a chick flick? I love this expression and will definately add it to the list of my favourite idioms!
  22. You are welcome, tiki! Sometimes life is really, really strange! You are living in a place called Thousand Oaks. The name somehow strikes me. I like it!
  23. Stairway To Heaven If there's a bustle in your hedgerow, don't be alarmed now, It's just a spring clean for the May queen. Yes, there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run There's still time to change the road you're on. And it makes me wonder. Your head is humming and it won't go, in case you don't know, The piper's calling you to join him, Dear lady, can you hear the wind blow, and did you know Your stairway lies on the whispering wind. The part above has a special meaning for me and is somehow the sequel of The Wanton Song: There are two people. They mean a lot to each other. But everything around is perfectly arranged and the two of them don't dare to leave their systems. They are bewildered and act strange meeting each other. One of them would leave everything in favour for the other. The other one knows but hasn't the strength and tries hard to forget. Both would die for each other if it would be necessary. None of them can't forget. Time passes. One of them doesn't know that there is always a chance to change the road you're on. The other one knows that you can but can't find a way to convince the love of his life being faced with his fears. Both are slowly dying.
  24. I'm also fond of just sitting out at the shore. I'm not a great fisherman - maybe because I'm a diver and prefer to watch fish alive. Like to eat them as well ..... bloody compromises sometimes with my swimming friends! Tink
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