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  1. Happy Birthday Mr. Paige. It has been a good night for radio- a very rare thing indeed. Thank you very much for playing the Show in Shepherd's Bush in July. http://s445.photobucket.com/albums/qq177/mojosdautr/?action=view&current=P7140492-1.jpg I visited here the day after. You helped add to a fine few days in England after a very bumpy spring. Here is a wish for good health.
  2. I have been waiting a week to put a thank you to Mr. Robert Plant in his own forum. The board administrators there are still determining whether I am a terrorist threat or not. So, no access has been granted. My ma taught me it is not polite to not offer a thank you for time well spent. I offended someone here the last time I posted. I was reluctant to try it again. I thought it was better to start fresh on the other board. I didn't realize it existed when I registered for this one. ... the best of intentions... I was almost glad I forgot to go to the Boston show. I couldn't have asked for a better seat at Foxwoods. As much as I hate to witness the little girls in the too short dresses with all there business escaping from either end, duck walking in heels too high for them...tug. tug. and what is that strange buzzzing noise in a casino... I have wondered at the soulessness-if that is a word- of concrete ampitheatres. Between these and the the "art" that is casino carpetting-? one t two? One persons' hell is another's heaven I guess. This venue has tried its best to mimic the best of the old theatres and update it with all the bells and whistles of a contemporary one. Mr Plant and his fine company of musicians used the acoustic features of the theatre to their advantage. I am not sure the same would have been possible at the House of Blues. If I had my way I would be watching again this weekend. It sure was nice to see him play again. I wish he worked more over these past 30 odd years here. I guess he has has reasons. Maybe he did work and I just didn't know. Well, I am postsponing the purchase of some airline tickets. I am so afraid the price has changed since the last time I looked. I'm adding another city to vacation. Let's hope I can find a place to sleep and the ticketbroker I used for show tickets is on the up and up. Goddamned scalpers. Thank you again. It was a fine evening out.
  3. Figure of speech Mr. Jones. I had looked it up before we left, but it is a bit of a trek and so we left too early to see the announcement. So, I saw no such cancellation until it was running on the ticker thing above the ramp into the parking lot. At the time I didn't drive. I felt badly about persuading my Uncle Richard to drive me all the way there to find there was no show. The folks at the window told me not enough tickets were sold. Mohegan is really no great shakes anyway. I was concerned about how Mr Plant would sound in the place. I like the cabaret theatre at Foxwoods. I have only seen one show there so it is hard to judge the acoustics relative to different kinds of music. It seems extraordinarily steeply pitched. It kind of fills the space with the sound. Don't you think it would kind of get thrown back at the performers. I get aggravated at casino shows because I get the sense 25% or more of my ticket price went toward a comped ticket for someone who hasn't a clue about the artist or has come to heckle. Word is the snow will hold off for tomorrow night. 31/2 hours to make a dime shoveling the shit today to almost make up for the wasted ticket. I have to charge more an hour. Thank heavens the neighbors took pity on me for our house. It eased the load. Well, I have to get back to work. I think tomorrow will be a good day.
  4. Well Mr. Plant, I just realized that I missed the show on Tuesday. Yes. I had a ticket; lala land apparently. Some kind of karmic twist I guess. Give as give as you get.... I was so pissed the last time I purchased a ticket for one of your shows- years ago at Mohegan- and you stood us all up. Something I didn't come to realize until my uncle had driven me all the way there. He won a littel playing the dogs so it wasn't a wasted evening. The ill feelings always come back to your own self don't they. I did get to stare at the bottomless twist of river that is near Mohegan. That is a beautiful spot. I have never neglected to use a purchased ticket before.... The hell of it is I get blonder in the summer. Of course this mistake has cost me more money. See you Friday. I didn't want to go to the larger theater but I am too short for the House of Blues set up anyway. I can never see a damn thing in the flat floored venues. I got an orchestra seat for Fowoods. It is a very nice venue. I tiny bit sterile but acoustically I think it is pretty good, at least better than the concrete bowl of Mohegan. casinos are casinos -ecch. The hell of it is.. I have been considering a trip across the ocean this summer- and so... obsessing about every dime. Idiot. It's only money- you can't take it with you I guess. Let's hope in my old age I don't have to eat cat food. That said- because the last ticket has been given up to the ether please earmark a nice sweet or trinket for the grandbabies in my name. I liked very much the sense of humour on the sign in for this forum. I think the response was Stairway to Heaven? must have been, they let me through.
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