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    Music, Occult, Poetry, Books, History...
  1. Welcome mate!!! Have fun
  2. I'm really crazy about that song, and I want it to be played at my funeral. I don't know, just can't decide which song is better...To be honest, that's a silly thing to ask...
  3. Thanx.. I remember you from the old message board, you were the craziest one Hope you still are
  4. Weee!! Another Slav!!! Hey..welcome..I'm Marija from Croatia
  5. Got an A in my English final exam!!! I have only Croatian (professor scares the c*** out of me) and History left...Weee!!!
  6. Bomber I don't know you because I'm relatively new to this board,but I'm really glad you didn't kill yourself, and you're really blessed to have a friend like that. As for your sexual orientation, it takes a lot of courage to admit to yourself and even more to admit to the rest of the world that you're bisexual. I myself am heterosexual so I can't quite understand how difficult this situation must be for you, but if it means anything at all you have my support and I'm sure your parents will understand, maybe not right now, but I'm sure they will. I wish you luck
  7. ^ love that song The 13th floor elevators-You're gonna miss me
  8. Diana awesome paintings, I'm really amazed.And tell your friend I really like his work, reminds me of Dali..Awesome.. Peep your portraits are breathtaking, I don't know what to say..Bravo Sugarplum I really love your art, I don't know why but you portrait of Robert almost made me cry... All of you are so talented, send us more!!
  9. Monkey island - The 13th floor elevators
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