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    corpus christi, texas
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    Fave bands The Who, Led Zep. Queen, Kiss, Van Halen, Rush, Cheap Trick, Beatles, Monkees, Judas Priest, Tesla, King's x, Triumph
  1. 1. Revolver / The Beatles 2. Abbey Road / The Beatles 3. The Who Sell Out / The Who
  2. let's see scorpions 1982 / Ozzy 1996 / Paul Mccartney 2002 / Sabbath 1999 / Kiss 2000 / triumph 1985
  3. I would have to say king' X they really have really cool album Out of the silent Planet, Gretchen goes to Nebraska, Faith Hope Love, Dogman, Ear Candy those cd's really rocks!!
  4. Greetings!! From Corpus Christi, Texas
  5. Pete Townshend, Rick Nielsen, Alex Lifeson, Jimmy Page, Eddie Van Halen, Ace Frehley.
  6. Hey I wanna hear from any Led Zep fan in Texas!! give me a shout.
  7. Hello fellow Zep fan's I've been a fan since 1976 just wanted to say hello to everyone here just joined the other day, I'm from corpus christi. tx had the pleasure of seeing Robert Plant 3 time's 1983-1991-1993 and seen Jimmy Page in 1988.
  8. I would have to pick manic nirvana tour that was a cool show.
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