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  1. I read that Bonzo like to blast Supertramp's Crime of the Century album. One of my faves, too. Also, the great Al Green was mentioned in an article as being played in Jimmy's hotel room.
  2. I did an edit with the wails from 9-28. A couple other small edits as well and a little reverb and eq.
  3. Glad you are digging that mix, ZepHead. A labor of love for sure. I did the same for TSRTS.
  4. I made my own "complete" version from excellent LP needledrops and other sources. PM me if interested.
  5. Thanks for that Info and link! I think my friend mentioned a break between BMS and CB so maybe he had the stereo ATCO version. I take it the mono test pressing did not have the gap? I must have missed the samples and discussion on the Hoffman board. Maybe I'll come across needledrops of these someday.
  6. Jimmy's reasoning for the chopping was they they needed to match the film version. Why??? That didn't stay consistent with the rest of the remaster. One thing I noticed in making a re-edit of the remaster by inserting the original missing bits (build up and first half of the solo) is that Jones hits a very brief off note right as Jimmy starts his solo. That, of course was gone from the remaster.
  7. It's a great segment, that ending but he is pretty much just repeating a riff at the fade (a killer one for sure). There is surely a bit more on the multitrack tape but maybe not much and I would think we got to hear the best bits. Also, the concept of 'leave them wanting more' is a valuable one.
  8. I take it to mean that it's ok to indulge but don't over do it and lose the plot. There ate other, more primal ways of looking at it obviously, but in the context of the other lyrics I'll stick with my first interpretation.
  9. I took the redone version by Winston (a very nice job by him) and added in the missing bits, songs and Plant patter from the 6-25 audience recording that was distributed on the old FBO list. A very good aud tape if not Millard quality. It worked well to make a "complete show". Yes, 'How the West was Re-redone'.
  10. It's simple people. We need to storm Jimmy's castle, grab the rest of the tapes and then sneak into the control room at Empress Valley and take all the compressors. WHO's WITH ME!
  11. You're welcome and yeah, me neither. Still using my technics from about 1981 with an 8 year old cart. Somehow it still gets the job done. I thought it would have been cool for Ludwig to have a pass at mastering the recent vinyl version of II from the actual tape that he used back in the day. Oh well...
  12. Funny, I just came across this day old article. A short piece on the RL II and Whole Lotta Love good for a listen on youtube. http://www.analogplanet.com/content/start-new-year-rl-version-whole-lotta-love#oDKq78mfmw1yVRKv.97
  13. ^Hard to say about your copy. Not sure, but I think the returns in the early release days had more to do with the LP skipping than distortion. A friend had this issue in 1969 and returned the Lp 2-3 times. You should try cleaning the album to see if it helps. It could be groove damage from a worn stylus in which case you may be out of luck. There is some (tape saturation) distortion on the master tape. It's part of the way the album was recorded and mixed That will never change, short of a remix, and even then I'm not sure how clean things could sound. I love the sound of the RL pressin
  14. I put together a version where the harpsichord sound and drone keys are mixed together. It works quite well I think. The basis is the alt take of EMiT. It's here (to DL)... http://www.mediafire.com/download/sq69wjckckwp2ht/Everybody_Makes_It_In_The_Light.flac I may have to try it the other way, with the album version as the basic track.
  15. A question about the US test pressing LP for the first LZ album. A friend asserts he had one in 1969 and it had slightly different mixes on it. He let a label rep borrow it but of course, never saw it again. Has there ever been confirmation of this pressing with different mixes. (organ mixed up on Communication Breakdown being the main example)?
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