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  1. Hi My brother is about to sell a very fine bass Serial Number one of the exclusiv German maker Hoyer. I was thinking for a while to give this excellent Instrument to Jimmie´s collection for free as a " thank you" for what he has done for all of us. Therefore I got 2 questions: 1. How can I make sure Jimmy gets the guitar not any Manager...? Any adress to send it to ? 2. It is said that he has got a hughe collection. already. What are the plans for it - a Museum etc. ? As said Im still in an argue with my brother about it. I guess he is skinned and the guitar belongs to both
  2. thanks for the replies. I ´ve listned to the machine and agree about the Sound of Jim of some numbers. But the real fat Sound of the Albert Hall I cannot find. Maybe it is up to how to use the machine (Volume) or how to Combine the other Equipment with it.
  3. Ted Nugent told me he only liked the first Zep records.Probably he never heard holy hymns like ALS. But we should not Forget that lots of stars said thank you too. One of the best Drummers Scott Columbus told me it was "how many more times" that turned him into a heavy Drummer...
  4. "Hey Jimmy I excuse me ".. he sings during lots of live gigs in the 70ths.Why ?
  5. Late 70th it was very common. I got bad Looks for wearing Zep symbols. I always wondered why this devine power seems to devide not unite the masses. Anyhow thats their Probleme . Today People don´t seem to argue or think anyhow....
  6. Im not the best of remembering Dates. I thought about the "BBCSession " how many more times. i heard it on the Radio with the best fat tube Sound ever,- not the flat Sound of the official cd. i saw JImmy not using his marshal in this early days. I wonder what was all of his Equipment during this Special song.
  7. bron yr aur and song remains same. such a heavy Studio Version without darkness but still so powerful. maybe someone can give me examples for other Music like that .thanks,
  8. There are diffrent reasons why politics were influenced by zeps subconscious power (only). 1st Remember the attacks against their lyrics (Lemon song , Stairway) 2nd. Alot of "political" Rock Idols (fe Hendrix) ended in a strange , mysterios way. Mass media is a force of the Establishment ( minestry of INFORMATION !). Zep was heavily attacked after showing mysteries in TSRTS. Not because of indulgence but media bosses and religios leaders did not want common People to get inspired for these things. Knowing that I always wonder why zep were not stopped Ages ago. There was only one Band
  9. That Jimmy did not fullfill his promisses after 77: No Performance " best of ever ".apart of the DVD No epic guitar army. ------- There is also some Video material but Jimmy don´t want to release it now. I wonder why his producings were so half hearted and the extasy was gone. I wished he woulkd have explained more about myths and Zep energy but he said that everybody should find his own way to Magic once.
  10. I met Rob just on the street and asking for a talk he said yes. He spend more than 1 hour though he was busy. He was very nice and open minded. For me it was more than a talk but a mystical Initiation. I met Jimmy eye to eye but he let me down. It was a helpfull Horror because after that I took the hammer in my Hand completly. It was early 80th and he was not very strong too. -not mindblowing solo Projects. That prooved me caring for my own strength. Bringing devine energy into my and your life I thank them forever but find it hard to give it back. Sadly I got to agree with Rob t
  11. I would not mix Music emotions with personal experiences. Some artists are real strange. Some are fed up with everybody staring at them. It is a gamble to Approach them. I was completly obsessed by Jimmy and he freed me because he fucked off when I wanted to meet him.So after that I concentrated on my own life still enjoing his work. IT was a very very great day when Robert shared his time and (most of his ) thoughts with me.But I know a fine Lady that he ignored too. I know alot of People want to get a Close look at their personality but i GUESS THEY WANT TO SPEAK THROUGH THEIR MUSIC
  12. I had the honoure of meeting Rob and he was very fair and exactly like you know him from stage. OPPOSITE TO A LOT OF STARS I MET: I met B twice and he was always a real C...! That proves that rich Rockstars are not always the big headed bad ones.
  13. I found some brilliant advices about sounds here, but a lot ...... maybe someone can give me a short info of the exact hughe valve Sound of the radioshow ( not the flatty one of the official release ) Thank you.
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