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  1. agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but my favor kashmir is the earls court version with the les paul.
  2. is the tele plus the wem the equipment he used during the fist bbc show.this total tube sound and the variing of sounds is so mindblowing.did he use any toneblender etc ? someone gave me a great link for the research of jimmys equipment but this special show with the best white summer version was not mentioned. i had a radioversion of this show but the guitarsound was fat and not flat as the official bbc-session release.
  3. can anybody post a link to the pure swan song without vocals.thanks.
  4. star spangled banner of the badgeholders-.second is white summer of the bbc but not the dvd version!!
  5. absolute right ! though i think you cannot compare both pieces.
  6. i had been to raglan and even talked to people who could remember the filmmaking there.but it was impossible for me to find all castle sequences of tsrts there.
  7. As all the others said:Thanks a thousand times for contacting us. You are absolute right .Often a friend of mine even showed this sequences to girls to give them an idear of his knight attitude.... I remember some people thought you were overstyled in TSRTS, but than there were some who did not like the whole movie at all. I watched it 20 times a week and love your presence. This might be a bit of a surprise for you. Mr.Plant told me once how great you looked but that the best parts were cuttet off.Maybe the stuff we find today on youtube. I got some questions for you now . 1st Was there any other takes or scenes filmed with you in the castle,that were not used for TSRTS? 2.nd There is the sequence when the riding woman hands the sword over to Robert Plant. Was it your part ,too? 3.rd.Where exactly were all of your scenes filmed ? 4.You mentioned before that the acting was just a job for you. Had the whole thing any reflection on your life or thinking lateron? Thanks for influencing my life in such a good way. Wish you all the best for your further carrer.
  8. From a mythical point there is a big connection to the cult-place Externsteine.Strange to see that few people know or even care about this.I might gonna write something about this lateron.
  9. 1st.bbc session,blueberry hill,6.23.77 badgeholders!
  10. Sorry I was wrong .It was for sure "Celebration day".
  11. I am feeling sorry for him.Well, he is getting older and maybe got some money spared to get himselve back in good conditions. Most of the other men on this planet could not affort this-neither would a mass of people care.Anyhow good luck to him. His live aid Zeppiln support was a shame and his postgenesis stuff seems like a moneymaking machine to me. But listening to the first "Genesis live" especially "Musicall Box" and I think this is great drumming with fire!Especially he used only a small drumset like Bonzo and still playing in such a perfect way.Eternal masterpieces imo.
  12. I was in Knebworth too-1st.night .As far as I remember he used the DN for this song cause it slipped directly from TSRTS.
  13. Strange to see not enough votings for "How many more times".Early and mighty solo.
  14. Frankfurt Yes! The other one I can not remember now.
  15. I think I saw 2 shows of their first tour. Me and the audience were not very satisfied.No power & they did not seem to fit together. A bit sad for this great musicians. JP used his violinbow that he did not use during the last Zeppelin tour.
  16. Don´t like copies.It would be much more of an interest to find out what guitarplayers are using the same JP. energy in their music. This would be a new good topic to start .
  17. Danke für die Grüße.Tanja

  18. In the 70th the lead of "The lemmon song" was used in a Tvshow called "Department S" over here.But there are plenty of examples for this around probably.
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