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  1. I'm not really convinced the Thunder are an extremely capable team...when they are all on the same page, which they have been getting back to. I think the Grizzlies gave them a good wake up call.
  2. Thunder is playing hot. Durant is flying high off that MVP and Westbrook is playing hard too.
  3. Awesome! It'd be nice though if the uploader got it properly converted instead of pointing a camera as it projects though. Beggars can't be choosers.
  4. Thunder and Clippers are playing hot! Clippers are doing a bit better but I can tell this'll be good.
  5. Can't wait for the next OKC Memphis game. Durant finally woke up and whooped ass.
  6. Finally Thunder is actually holding up against Grizzlies. Up by 7 and it's half time.
  7. Alice was great. They played "Confusion" for the first time since 1991.
  8. Please tell me I'm not the only one who's been watching the Thunder/Grizzlies game.
  9. Alice In Chains tour kicks off Friday at the Brady Theater in Tulsa. Can't wait
  10. As long as there is time it is anyone's game. Hell, the Thunder proved that last night.
  11. Wow, Atlanta is holding up pretty well against Indiana.
  12. Well, that was fun while it lasted. Damn you Memphis.
  13. Wouldn't bother me. I just wish Thunder could stay ahead instead of tying it then getting back behind.
  14. Thunder is my team. Can't wait for the playoffs!
  15. Here is hoping for LZIV will have "Lost In Space" and "St. Tristans Sword",
  16. Are you sure? I read that the first 30,000 of each will just be numbered, which leads me to believe there will be more.
  17. TheLastSpartan


    No, and I highly doubt I do have it. Even if I did, it would be very mild and it doesn't impact my life really.
  18. The good and the bad, you have to take both. Also really depends of where you sit also. It's all apart of that concert experience.
  19. Because the DVD experience at home is so much better than the live CONCERT experience? I'd be quick to disagree.
  20. 51 confirmed dead, and although 91 isn't official they have been told to receive about 40 more bodies...
  21. I was just kidding O_o I'm glad you're taking him.
  22. TheLastSpartan


    I have some weird tendencies. If I touch something with one hand, I typically have to with the other. Like a wall, once with my left, well gotta do it once with my right. Touch it twice with one hand? Same with the other. Shoes have to be the same tightness too.
  23. That's the excuse to justify your wanting to see them at least
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