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  1. Alice was great. They played "Confusion" for the first time since 1991.
  2. Alice In Chains tour kicks off Friday at the Brady Theater in Tulsa. Can't wait
  3. The good and the bad, you have to take both. Also really depends of where you sit also. It's all apart of that concert experience.
  4. Because the DVD experience at home is so much better than the live CONCERT experience? I'd be quick to disagree.
  5. I was just kidding O_o I'm glad you're taking him.
  6. That's the excuse to justify your wanting to see them at least
  7. I was never an extreme huge Doors fan, but I always appreciated what they did for music...I haven't listened to them in awhile, but today I shall rock them in honor of Ray, Jim and the rest of the guys... RIP Ray Manzarek
  8. Finally reunited with Jim after all these years...
  9. I know, I admitettly don't know much about which websites are "true" and "false". I believe it now though since John Densmore and Manzareks family have come out, via Densmores facebook page. RIP.
  10. https://www.facebook.com/johndensmore1?fref=ts John Densmore and family members have confirmed it...fuck.
  11. I can't tell if he is alive or dead, TMZ (Not really a trusworthy site) and Washington post both have death articles for him. I'm not believing anything for sure though until fellow band mates and family members confirm it though.
  12. http://en.mediamass.net/people/ray-manzarek/deathhoax.html Confirmed hoax.
  13. Glad she chose her health and being around for her husband and kids over being a sex symbol for men (and some women) to gawk at.
  14. I wont dislike you or anything for your opinion, but may I ask what it is about them you don't like?
  15. It pains me that at the end of the month they will be at Rocklahoma and I WONT BE THERE! Oh well. Glad to see them carrying on though, perhaps the best band of the past 23 years (debatable, they're in my to 5 of the past 23 years for sure though).
  16. Since there wont be much, if anything ever in the way new surfaced of pro-shot, why not start up a fan shot/semi-professional shot list?
  17. Alice In Chains is the only other band that took me to places and inspires me in such great ways besides Led Zeppelin. Layne Staley tanks among the greatest vocalists in my opinion. So much he left, and so much more he could of done...
  18. Can't decide if I want to thought dump here or not...I have a lot in my mind but at the same time I can't even figure out a way to convey it all into coherent sentences on a forum, and if I did it would probably be a novel...
  19. Glad to see Black Sabbath getting out there. I hope Tony is doing good with his cancer treatment. I just can't get over my sinking feeling that this album will be a bit disappointing, with the lack of Wards drums and the hype of a new ozzy album roughly 25 years later, that's 1/4 of a century, damn.
  20. Do you guys think that maybe if Cobain hadn't of committed suicide, that maybe Pat Smear would of been invited as a full time member? Judging from his friendship with Kurt, playing in the last set of tours as a touring guitarist and his appearance at 12/12/12, I think it could of been possible. Then again, Nirvana almost seemed like they were on there way out, and that Cobain would of probably elected to of gone solo. I don't know, it's just too hard to tell :/
  21. Paul McCartney announced a show here in Tulsa. 2nd time in 4 years, first was back in 2009! And of course a lot of people complained, most thought it was going to be the Stones or Garth Brooks.
  22. This is the opposite of being unhappy, but since I posted it here on the other page I might as well give you all an update: Bloodwork was clean! No HIV or Hepatitis.
  23. A little more information on my experience. I only saw him once, to get my 4 wisdom teeth removed. July 16th 2009 I remember, because the same day a year later in 2010 I saw Robert Plant in concert! Anyways, I live in a suburb of Tulsa, a much smaller town. He did the procedure there and not in his main building in Tulsa, where they did a surprise inspection out. It's horrifying what they found there. I'm just gonna say this: One of the things they found was medicine that expired 20 years ago. That and the anesthetic they give you for some procedures, the stuff that knocks you out, well untrained assistants were using it on patients when they weren't qualified to use it! Last I heard about the dentist they found him hiding out in Phoenix. He's an old guy, the picture they used to represent him in the articles was a Dentist portrait of him from the 70s. I honestly think I'm fine, but you never know and I'm going to the doctor. They did free testing yesterday, I don't know if they did today but they're gonna have to fucking bend over backwards for everyone affected by this, they fucking better. Little kids went to him. Fucking little kids were put in his care and trust. How do you explain this to your kid? This should never of happened. Anyone who had any clue that there might of been some unsafe practice going on is at fault, in my opinion. The dentist, the assistants. Just unbelievable.
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