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  1. ^ That's a iBadge of Honor in my book. I followed a similar path, except for the 'X' part. I never cared for amphetamines but had my rounds with them. It's great to have tasted the experiences many of our influences in music and life shared too. The lifestyle enlightens and gives creedence to observations one might have in that direction. Other's can only speculate from the outside. Right On Strider !
  2. TNWT....People reproducing more than just themselves. 2 kids per couple, and NO MORE if you remarry. ZERO POPULATION GROWTH._ This means YOU._ Not JUST third world countries but here in the U.S. too! http://news.yahoo.com/s/afp/20110220/ts_afp/scienceuspopulationfood
  3. Oh good Gawd ! Only a couple more weeks till the yearly roundup is complete.
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