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  1. Someone in Zeppelin said that if you pissed on it, the colors would change
  2. You don't get it, don't you. He hasn't been on for weeks. He's obviously not going to give us the tape, and if you keep bothering him it will make him think you are a greedy bitch. Leave the guy alone!

  3. Hey it's Nov. now, please give us an update.

  4. Please, could you give us an update?

  5. Any updates? It's mid October.

  6. Hey dude, any update on the tape?

  7. Good news kdh. By the front end of October you mean the beginning right?

  8. I will be at my house for 10 days in the front end of October. At that time, lord willing, I shall set upon the tape

  9. Hey man. Just checkin' in on the tape update. No rush, I do understand you have family matters and I understand that, just wanna know around when it should be ready. Thanks in advance

  10. So did you dig up the tape yet?

  11. Ok, I understand kdh, once again thanks for the time involved in this situation of getting the footage, sorry ledzepfilm and i left so many comments on your profile, as you can see we're very interested in viewing this footage, and zepfilm, I'm pretty sure he already found the tape, right kdh?

  12. the tape update - I did not have time to make the copy due to family matters. I will be back to my house later this month. At that time, all is lined up to make the copy. Be patient. Do not read anything into what happened other than life took over.

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