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  1. Happy 70th Birthday Jimmy! Thank you for the music and inspiration, your music has bought joy to the lives of so many people through the years and continues to do so! Looking forward to this year and whatever you have in store for us!
  2. Happy Birthday, Jimmy!. Your music inspires, you are truly an amazing man. Looking forward to what you have in store for 2013, much love to you forever!
  3. For me it's: Dazed and Confused Since I've Been Loving You The Rover Misty Mountain Hop Tried, but I just can't pick one.
  4. The Rain Song for sure, also love That's The Way (Earls Court).
  5. Garnet7

    Jimmy Page Says...

    Aen, I sent a message to feedback, so hopefully it will be included. I did notice at first that Live Aid wasn't listed and then it was included. For Discography: You are right about "She Just Satisfies" that should be included even if Jimmy doesn't like the way he sings, maybe they will include it on the 'On this Day" feature eventually. I forgot about the song "Scarlet" that he played with Keith and Ron Wood, glad you mentioned it!
  6. Garnet7

    Jimmy Page Says...

    I noticed in the live section there is nothing for Jimmy playing at Wembley Stadium with the Foo Fighters in June 2008.
  7. Hey Garnet! Hope all is well and thanks for the friend add...have you checked out Jimmy's new site?

  8. I agree just give it a chance, I like the site, it is put together beautifully! I'm sure the mistakes will be corrected....there is a feedback option at the bottom of the page under Assistance. After all this is a first step and a work in progress, just glad that Jimmy has taken this step!
  9. thanks for the add!

  10. 7 p.m. (EST) tonight , so excited for this!! Hopefully that is the magic hour and the website is a Go!
  11. Garnet7

    Jimmy Page Says...

    Oh Laura, I am so thrilled that you got to meet and speak with him if only briefly! I would give anything to meet him and ask him a few questions! So happy and excited looking forward to his website!!
  12. Thank you for the friend add! And of course I love Jimmy!!! :)

  13. Garnet7

    Jimmy Page Says...

    Nicely said.....I feel the same way!
  14. Garnet7

    Jimmy Page Says...

    I formed an account just to follow him too!
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