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  1. to much but abeaty. i'd rather have a standard 1959 due to the price.
  2. http://mcraig.org/mark/images/axis-bold-as-love.jpg these are the shiz but hearing that jimmy page used the ernies will change me now or at least make me wannna try them.
  3. saxophone = raiders to the lost ark or something like that. Guitar=dream on, black dog, purlpe haze
  4. whotta whole lotta love is a verry fun song to play and so is black dog and the ocean and are really easy for starters.
  5. awsome santanna rocks is one of the best
  6. prince and thte rolling stones were better way better. this one sucked
  7. I only like 1 pink floyd songs because the other s are eto soft. I listen to lots of varities just that those two are my favs
  8. sorry wish i could help maybe look on lime wire
  9. First part lol. But i not comparing aerosmith to led zeppelin. I 'm not stupid to say aerosmith is better than led zepp. We all know zepp is better.
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