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  1. here are my pics, sorry about the quality but their from my camera phone Led Zeppelin 10.12.2007
  2. mayweathers quick but i think hatton is a harder hitter, and mayweather is all talk!
  3. Just wondering who's everyone's money on for tonights big fight?
  4. caerphilly, south wales
  5. ^lightweight! (only one!) <gonna drink alot tonight!
  6. As you can tell from my tattoo Im a Libra!
  7. im from caerphilly, where did u live?
  8. not flying but staying the night in london to see the gig and then taking the long road back to the land of god that is wales lol
  9. still room in my motorhome if anyones desperet lol
  10. cant beleive that i got tickets for the show, got them in the first ballot. Ive been a fan for about 7 years but never in my life did i think id get to see led zeppelin live. I wasnt born when zeppelin where at their greatest and luckely i will now get to see them! roll on the 10th!
  11. I live in caerphilly, south wales, uk. Famous for cheese, tommy cooper and the second biggest castle in europe dont you know and a leaning tower lol
  12. Moby Dick video on the telegraph's website
  13. nice to see a fellow welshman going lol me and my mates have hired a motorhome for a weekend so we're staying on a campsite just outside london
  14. Im 20 Never in my life would I have thought Id get to see Zeppelin live, 11 days to go!
  15. Good to see a wide range of nationalities attending the show and that they havent just given the tickets to the UK and US
  16. just wondering where everyone is travelling from for the gig ill start, Caerphilly, South Wales, UK
  17. Im travelling up to london on the sunday from south wales, not sure what our plans are yet but will probably pick up tickets and wristbands on the sunday then spend the day around london. Just wondering if everyones meeting up somewhere the night before???
  18. no sorry valleygirl, unless you want to share a bunk bed in the motorhome?!?!?! lol
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