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  1. Steve I think it was me who had my "chain pulled" by my mate or his dad at least. I don't know a whole lot about the personal lives of any of the band members. I only narrowed down to the Tangerine song because of Aquamarines suggestion. However it's all good. It's a testement to the power of the music that it still provokes thought and converstion more than 40 years after it was written.
  2. She may have been 18 or 19 when she dated him. I don't think it was anything other than a couple of dates max. They went to a whitesnake concert together apparently. This girl was really beautiful back in the day and caused a lot of mayhem, breaking up a few long term relationships without really knowing what she was doing because if she gave a guy a sniff that she might be interested he'd be after her like a shot (the Kate Moss effect). She was annoying really, very self centred but you could really see why she had the ability to attract someone like Robert Plant. I have no idea what she is
  3. Thanks for that info Steve. If I get the chance to ask my friends dad in person about that story I will! The third Zep album is my favorite so I was excited to hear some background on it however implausible. I think it makes sense that Tangerine is about a girl he met back at art school, before he got famous and everything got crazy for him. I guess he must have missed having a normal relationship and perhaps wrote Tangerine looking back to that time. I guess we will never really know!
  4. Well I wasn't too convinced about this myself as the dates given seem to conflict with the time he was with Charlotte. I suspect that Tangerine was inspired by an art school girlfriend and the rest of the story grew from that. Does anybody know who he dated while at art school? Thanks!
  5. Hi everyone I'm new, always been a huge fan of Led Zeppelin but new to the forum. I've joined tonight to see if there is any truth in something a friend told me the other night. His father is in the music business and was close to the band in the early 70's. He was telling me that his dad claims that the third Zeppelin album is a sort of "cenotaph" to what Jimmy Page still regards as his most important relationship. She was a young art student he fell in love with and planned to marry in the early 70's but who then left him for a close friend of his (another musican) after he failed to curtai
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