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  1. Hi there! I'm still new here myself, so welcome on behalf of us other newbies. I enjoyed your post and hope you join in where you can as it's a lot of fun (and educational too, lol).......:) missy

  2. I know why people never want to release a real definitive work, because its like saying, this is all we got, the whole shebang and releasing anything after this is pointless. But dang it I WANT it. Dream this: "The" Led Zeppelin Box Set. A definitive collection of all that is Led Zeppelin. **Every album ever released on Vinyl (Preferably 180-200 Gram) We are talking each album in its own sleeve and plastic wrap inside the box. **Every album on CD for the heck of it. **Every song like you can get in The Complete Led Zeppelin from iTunes or the like on a hot rodded Led Zeppelin
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