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  1. Where's my blooming pic of you yo?

  2. Achilles Last Stand~ Ft.Worth Tx '77 Song of The South Capricorn Records
  3. Half a tub of Greek yogurt with walnuts,banana,blueberries and two scoops of Mutant whey powder mixed in.
  4. ^^^ Love "Are you being served"!Thks for the reminder Kiwi Zep!! Salmon for me tonight.
  5. 45 min. squat /dead lift/jumping rope session.
  6. High winds,possibly tornados,larger then golf ball size hail could pop up later today.
  7. Three eggs sunny side up with bacon.Isopure protein liquid drink on the side.
  8. Sitting by a fire with a coors light watching a storm move in from the west.
  9. Tarantura had a 2007 release under the same name but it it was Louisville Kentucky. Hopefully this new release is something different then what we already know of.
  10. Gloomy n Rainy.The way I like it yo.
  11. David Allen Coe~You never even called me by my name
  12. LA Fitness Gym then gearing up for rest of work week tonight.
  13. Meeting friends at Chipotle Mexican restaurant for dinner.
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