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  1. Where's my blooming pic of you yo?

  2. Achilles Last Stand~ Ft.Worth Tx '77 Song of The South Capricorn Records
  3. Half a tub of Greek yogurt with walnuts,banana,blueberries and two scoops of Mutant whey powder mixed in.
  4. ^^^ Love "Are you being served"!Thks for the reminder Kiwi Zep!! Salmon for me tonight.
  5. 45 min. squat /dead lift/jumping rope session.
  6. High winds,possibly tornados,larger then golf ball size hail could pop up later today.
  7. Three eggs sunny side up with bacon.Isopure protein liquid drink on the side.
  8. Sitting by a fire with a coors light watching a storm move in from the west.
  9. Gloomy n Rainy.The way I like it yo.
  10. LA Fitness Gym then gearing up for rest of work week tonight.
  11. Meeting friends at Chipotle Mexican restaurant for dinner.
  12. I hear ya Zeppfan77!California's a place I'll be checking out soon as we'll. 77* goin up to 87* here today.
  13. Cruising downtown Plainfield in Mustang with my daughter who just got her drivers license. Seatbelt fastened.
  14. Heading outta LA Fitness Gym~Plainfield IL then work~Nights South Chicago Roadwork. Yo.
  15. graf75

    Sky Watch

    I remember as a kid seeing what I was told back then Being satellites.These on the clearest nights can be seen With the naked eye moving in steady paths high above. The objects I've seen at work have unpredictable paths And can disappear at any given moment.We can have different Opinions of course on the subject of these objects but to me there's A lot of space out there and with us to think we re the only intelligent Matter/Species we maybe possibly wrong about some things up there.
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