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  1. Oh I remember her from the Electric Magic site. She always used to try to prove me wrong. She blasted me on my first post and quite a few others. And it was Knebworthbabe on the other site, not Knebby. I even apoligized to her and she never responded. What does that say?
  2. I'd much rather have a DVD of the O2 Arena concert, or new material that they may be working on. But........................... there are those of us who are collectors. And we want EVERYTHING. Even if we already have it on CD.
  3. Led Zeppelin "the second generation' I first thought Led Zeppelin "The next generation" (Sounds a little familiar) But I dont know. Or Zeppelin 2. But Percyless and UnPlanted are the best by far. But we know that would be too......well you know. But funny as hell!!!!!
  4. I've been thinking about it for a while. But I want to have ALL four symbols. Was thinking on my wrist as a bracelet or something. I dunno. Anyone with a better idea, please let me know.
  5. That's why NO ONE wants to have a discussion with you. You're Fucking Ignorant. Why don't you find a ' RUDE ZEPPELIN FORUM' to post on....pleeeezzz Just CAN'T SEE THE FOREST FOR THE TREES can you? Hit me with your best shot. You used to have a different screen name, huh......
  6. The guy is great!!!!! Sounds so much like Robert. I LOVE IT!
  7. I didn't know it had been posted before. I just discovered these guys a few days ago. BYE
  8. I think this cover of Ten Years Gone has the best vocal of all of the cover bands that I've heard. Sounds allot like Robert. Maybe he's the american everyone's talking about. No, who knows. But anyhow Enjoy!!!! Enjoy!!!!
  9. I got home from work and was watching the news with my hubby. When they announced his death. We both just said NO, NO WAY, ETC. I was in shock. Waiting for them to come to California so I could see them again. I saw them in 1977. What a show. Bonzo did certainly SHINE!!!! My favorite rock drummer, the best rock drummer, and my favorite group. I think I was sitting there with my mouth hanging open. But Jason will carry on his fathers legacy. The son of thunder. Today may there be thunder in Heaven. As John Henrey Bonham entertains. Maybe with floyds Wright on keyboards and Syd Barrett too. God bless them all!
  10. Holy crap!!!!! Now that's ORIGINAL!
  11. That is thee best choice I've heard so far. In my opinion anyway. And it has nothing to do with the fact that Heart and Zeppelin are two of my all time favorites. It would be pretty cool to see them on stage together. WOW...
  12. Well ya better WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!!!! (okay, now I'm gunna lie down and rest)
  13. I personally would buy it. (and I ain't no kid)!
  14. Sorry it took so long to get back to you. I've been really busy gardening. I saw them at the Los Angeles Forum in 1977. That was the last time they played here. I'm so glad I got to see them. Everyone calls me plant lady because I'm a horticulturist. But I'm also a Robert-Plant lady! Wish they would tour here just ONE MORE TIME.

    Bye for now!

  15. Well I just listened to The Levee, Trampled Under Foot, and one of my favorite songs, (one of MANY) Achilles Last Stand. You HAVE to listen to Achilles under head phones if you have them. And just listen to Bonham's driving force behind Jimmy. And his PRECISE and CLEAN hits. His drum rolls are flowing. I say it is a Jimmy-Bonzo song. They play sooooo good together. I miss him.........
  16. Since I was about 11 or 12, I used to listen to Zeppelin (stoned of course) and lay on my bed and play the drums on my pillow. I learned alot about rythem at a young age. All thanks to Bonzo. He's my hero, His legacy lives on through the music he left behind, and of course his son Jason. He's a great drummer. He had a GREAT teacher. I love and miss you John Henry.
  17. Wow. He's been gone for so long. He's my favorite Rock Drummer of all time. STILL LOVE YOU JOHN HENRY BONHAM. And for leaving us your great legacy!
  18. I don't think I'm that high right now, but I could swear it is John Henry Bonham's Birthday.
  19. In regards to your statement about Robert at the end of your post, you stated ....."Even while John Bonham was alive he would not play as Led Zep without the other three." But isn't that EXACTLY what Plant did at the O2 Arena? He sang WITHOUT all three of the other members. Not to be rude, but your statement totally contradicts itself. It's completely hippocritical. And he felt WONDERFUL about Jason filling in at the O2. Robert may not have grown up with Jason, but he knew him since he was born, (with he and Bonzo being best buddies). He was very close with his best friends son. NUFF SAID.
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