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  1. So.......Where is Zeppelincheeta (or however it's spelt). Well, we are all waiting for a reply. In fact, isn't that what you were looking for when you posted your question? Hmmmm....maybe you're not getting the reply that you are looking for? waiting......................................................... Let's get a response heh?
  2. RIGHT ON, AMEN AND ALL THAT GOOD STUFF! I feel the same way too. And by the way, that is a perfect picture!
  3. Oh.......okay, I see what you mean. Just like the when Keith Moon died (drummer from the Who) they changed their name to "THE WHO" . Just like sooooo many other groups did when they lost a drummer or another member of the band. Like Styx, or Lynard Skynard etc..... they changed their name too. NOT Oh yeah, even Pink Floyd. Anyhow, IT'S JIMMY'S BAND. AND HE IS THE HEAD MASTER OF LED ZEPPELIN. And they will always be none other than Led Zeppelin. Even when they've ALL past on. So PISS OFF.
  4. Here here!! Nice to see a positive response.
  5. Unledded tedious???? Oh, and I didn't know that they were senile. When did THIS breaking news hit the media. I never heard it.
  6. If they are inspired to write a new album, no one has the right to say 'it would suffer by comparison'. They can do whatever they desire. I wouldn't expect it to be just like their previous releases because it would be NEW. And I would think they have alot to write about, being apart for so long.
  7. Yeah, what a role model the "Heroin Poster Boy" is to kids. I really admire the man. NOT!!!!!!
  8. Me too! Johnny is the BEST actor. Anyone who's seen all of his movies knows. He can play ANY part. And I LOVE HIM......
  9. Oh GOD. I couldn't agree more. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JIMMY, and may you live forever!!!!!!! for the MUSIC.
  10. Dito. He is FANTASTIC. I saw him play years ago at THE BAKED POTATOE. But I still had to vote for Jimmy. Not only is he a great guitarist, but songwriter, producer, etc.
  11. These people are doing more than smoking. Their REALLY fucked up on something. Actually, a little man just told me that they are mentally ill.
  12. It's hard to believe that YOU find it 'hard to believe the singer was gay.' He was such a flamer..... However, that means nothing. He was A VERY talented man. BUT ZEPPELIN IS STILL DESERVING OF NO. ONE ROCK BAND OF ALL TIME. HANDS DOWN!!!!!
  13. RIGHT ON!! Thank you so much. I had to save that one on my favorites.
  14. No pessimistic comments Please....... only!
  15. Bowls sounds gooooood too! I think I smell some Doobies. AAAAHHHH.
  16. Thanks for the advice friend! I'm working on the lager now. Woooo Hoooooo!!
  17. Oh my fucking gosh. That's hillarious!!!!! I need Zeppelin anonymous too, before I lose it. Where can we find help????
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