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  1. Black Dog. Never been anything like it before or since.
  2. T-Shirts, tour programs and books. Always looking for more.
  3. Where can I get a copy of this please?
  4. A good album. Having Phil Collins and Barriemore Barlow on drums contributed to its goodness.
  5. A really good album. Having Phil Collins and the late, great Cozy Powell contributed to its greatness.
  6. I saw Jason do the In The Name Of My Father tour back in 1997 twice. It was great to see him playing Zeppelin tunes, but neither Jason nor the rest of the band were in great "shape." I am sure even Jason would admit to that now. It was really sad in some ways. When I saw Jason with UFO in 2004, he was 100% clean and sober and like a new person. I really, really hope he stays that way. His Dad would want him to, no doubt.
  7. I saw them in May 1985 in Worcester, Massachusetts and in April 1986 in Boston, Massachusetts. Virginia Wolf opened in Boston. That was the first time I met Jason. He was really cool. Both shows were awesome. I cannot believe that band did not last longer. They were not on the "great" level of Zeppelin, but still were great. Jimmy would not have done anything less than great. Jimmy seemed to be so happy out performing live again. Paul was fabulous. Chris and Tony were a perfect rhythm section for this band. What was great was that no Led Zeppelin or Bad Company music was performed. Only City Sirens. The rest was all The Firm.
  8. Led Zeppelin played the LSU Assembly Center Baton Rouge, Louisiana on February 28, 1975.
  9. Ten Years Gone. My favorite of all time by the band!
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