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  1. So there was more to the show then was shown in the movie?
  2. John McLaughlin is extremely great and extremely cool! I know he and Jimmy greatly respect each other. John McLaughlin, Jimmy and John Paul did many, many sessions in London in the 60's. They all knew each other.
  3. Going tomorrow and Thursday. Where: Palace Theater, Harahan, Louisiana (5 minutes from New Orleans) Paid: $15.00 per ticket (well worth it!) Drive: 15 minutes Anticipation level: Cannot wait! Counting the hours! Thanks to: The boys, their families, Ahmet, Peter, Richard Cole, and all the engineers roadies who made it happen all those years! Guests attending: Robert? Jimmy? John Paul? They have always loved New Orleans! Thinking about: John and Ahmet
  4. This is GREAT! Thank you SO much for posting this story and pictures. I saw Mr. Jimmy in a club in Tokyo and they were great! It is really cool to see Jimmy with them, taking pictures of them and even at one of their shows! How cool is that?!
  5. Black Dog. Never been anything like it before or since.
  6. I do. Because I think the Celebration Day movie will bring millions of new fans and a reunion tour will be in order. Maybe only a few shows: London, New York and Los Angeles. Maybe 3 nights each.
  7. Physical Graffiti without a doubt overall. However, as we know some of those songs were from different eras. What I mean is from the recordings from 1974; Ten Years Gone for example.
  8. From what previews from this concert I have seen, it looks like every song they performed was played a whole step down. I guess this is so Robert can sing them. Better than nothing I guess.
  9. This is fabulous! It is about time we all see this historical show.
  10. What was wrong with it? Why edit it? I hope the entire concert is shown in its entirety in running order.
  11. T-Shirts, tour programs and books. Always looking for more.
  12. Back in 2010, The Who played at the Super Bowl in Miami. It was the best Super Bowl halftime show I have ever seen. It was not the real Who, but pretty close. I am wondering if Zeppelin should play at the 2013 Super Bowl in New Orleans, Louisiana. New Orleans was one of their favorite cities in the world and I think it may be appropriate. It was also where the band were to due their last U.S. show, which was unfortunately and sadly cancelled as would be expected and appropriate. Jimmy was fabulous in China! It might be a way for them to at least perform a few songs together and take i
  13. They are too classy for that. The Olympics have become a lot of commercialism.
  14. Pagey really needs to release the entire Earl's Court shows. That would be really cool. That, and any backstage home movies from those gigs. That, and the same with Knebworth. Got to be lots of that somewhere.
  15. Been playing drums for nearly 40 years. I'll keep checking too. I believe it is possible, just really unusual for Bonzo. Thanks!
  16. Not to discount what you say in any way, but I find this hard to believe. Bonzo was known for always playing double-headed drums (including the bass drum) with absolutely no muffling. I can't see why he would have ever changed this.
  17. The mounted tom sounds too deep to be the 10x14 tom-tom on the green kit to be used on In Through The Outdoor. The stainless steel kit had a 12x15 mounted tom. I am going to have to check my books as to which kit he used post Physical Grafitti. I know someone who would probably know for sure. I will try to find out.
  18. Went to quite a few concerts at The Warehouse, but there a TONS I did not get to go to, that I wish I had! There is a picture of Jimmy and Robert backstage there, at I think an Allan Toussaint concert out there somwhere.
  19. Where can I get a copy of this please?
  20. This was not New Orleans. It was Baton Rouge.
  21. A good album. Having Phil Collins and Barriemore Barlow on drums contributed to its goodness.
  22. A really good album. Having Phil Collins and the late, great Cozy Powell contributed to its greatness.
  23. Thanks! I have a bootleg t-shirt from this show. I would have wanted the original, but the person who kindly bought it for me did not know better. I clearly remember him coming home from the concert that night and giving me the t-shirt. What a night that was.
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