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  1. Happy birthday! :)

  2. This is off topic but related to Zep according to the guidelines: Does anyone know of these two roadies/friends names? Center (filming Robert):
  3. Woops now I see how this worked, it was a pilot for an arts discussion program directed by Tony Palmer and the show was hosted by Michael Wale, as a last minute replacement for the Flying Burrito Brother.
  4. Well, I now know a bit more about this date. So the show being hosted by Michael Wale, as a last minute replacement for the Flying Burrito Brothers is false. Anyway, I've seen one of Tony's films from this time period before 'All My Loving' (which is a good representation of what the music industry was like at the time). Too bad the episode of Led Zeppelin no longer exists, according to this site Communication Breakdown aired the same day they performed, which is unusual: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2087217/ The show probably wasn't successful as a result of this, after all it was a pilot program.
  5. The front looks like a lens and a camera (connected to a wire) and the back looks like perhaps a vent?
  6. The lens is too small and there isn't a wheel-like feature.
  7. Ledzepfilm, a lens can clearly be seen; you have no evidence whatsoever to support this.
  8. I noticed in this photo from June 29, 1969 (first show) an object that had features of the same as a camera, I know some shows were filmed at the RAH throughout this time period. I was wondering if anyone here could confirm what this object is (boxed in red)?
  9. This is definitely my favorite BBC version of Communication Breakdown.
  10. The Monkees were always just another band I knew, I wasn't ever to fasinated with their work. Sure I've listened to a few of their tunes ("I'm a beleiver" comes to mind). But when I heard about Davey's death this morning, I was shocked, I had no idea his life would end so soon. R.I.P. Davey Jones
  11. I was expecting 2/27/72 to appear today as well, this was one of the most memorable Zeppelin concerts; yet it wasn't present today!
  12. So now you agree with me, way to go by saying "no shit sherlock". Another question is why do three of the photos contain a watermark? Is this from the Bonham archives, did a member of the Bonham family possibly take these photos? Captain Crunge, could you please provide a link to the site where you found these photos?
  13. Ledzepfilm, you said "No shit shurlock. I'm 40% sure they are." earlier. Now you agree that these are photos. Anyway, I've seen at least two of these photos before, as seen here the photos were probably captured from a computer, book etc. with some electronic device. The effect the photos have makes their appearance look like a video still.
  14. Love this version of Male Chauvinist Pig Blues, thanks for sharing this!
  15. They're both from 1971, Jimmy made a mistake. I can prove this because in the roadie film Jimmy can be seen filming with his 8mm camera at a beach, a segment of this shows up in his video of the ships.
  16. Yes, but still enjoyable. I'm wondering that myself, I believe real player works.
  17. As a bonus treat we get to see Jimmy's 8mm film filmed that day, also roadie film shot on the same day:
  18. The Denmark '69 film wasn't shot in color, but b/w. And yes, I forgot what this was entitled. It's not a Zeppelin performance but a Jimmy Page performance.
  19. Under "TV", your missing "BBC TV Studios April, 23, 1970".
  20. It was shot using poor equipment planning, Zeppelin's set was shot with one 16mm camera, as were other bands. I don't know why they intended to make this into a documentary, poor film set-up inter cut with a bunch of audience scenes and/or footage of the band that isn't even synchronized isn't going to make a very good documentary, this is why they haven't made a release of the festival on DVD. Audio is another story, an audio release would be great, as there are I believe complete soundboards of every band.
  21. No, there was original sound, in the DVD booklet it is said that the audio was synched completely by hand, or maybe that was The Concert File ( either way, I personally think this is a complete exaggeration, as there was original sound).
  22. No, there's copyrights, and Jimmy would might like to use it for future release.
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