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  1. One thing's for sure, no amount of light shed would help the frigid understand.
  2. She sounds like a sweet Southern Belle. Fleeing the repressive South at 15, to spread her wings in New York City. Seems to be the place to go to be all you can be. Any of you other NY'ers here concur ?
  3. And the gay males too. Afterall, they had been liberated by '69 hadn't they ?
  4. Yeah...I'd have to say I had the time of my life in the 90s. I was constantly on the move, experiencing so much adventure and engagements. Actually my life has always been that way, but just moreso in that decade. OH wait...the 2000's...no the 70s....nope had to be the 80s....damn, I can't make up my mind. Well, there's been a few stumbling blocks along the way, but overall it's been a grand time ! The downtimes give the best times more sweetness, and also gives one great perspective.
  5. We've got a great radio station out here where I am...yes and it's terrestrial !! Actually, the best I've ever heard in my lifetime. Too bad other's don't have it, but they can listen online, http://www.krcl.org
  6. I can't stand how our dictionary and word meanings have changed over time. The word conservative used to mean just that. Conservatives sure are liberal with their exploitation of things that can destroy quality of life, worldwide. Let's see, what would the word nature mean to them ? manmade, synthesized....manipulated ? We can't control nature, but these words above give crumbling power to those who think they can. It's about domination, OVERcoming natural phenomena, CONTROL. IT ain't gonna happen. Humility isn't a trait amongst these types. FULL BORE ON THE PEDAL
  7. Yeah...but I bet it was a small price to pay to blast out of earths orbit !! Hundred's of thousands just to ride the shuttle, and that's IF and WHEN they allow passengers. You're OK redrum, no apparent damage that I can see.
  8. Certainly for those faceless 50 heroes and many others close to the radioactive zone. Yep, NOT a good thing to be around such places. When the shit started hitting the fan, I said the only people who'd go near that place were idiots. DEAD idiots at that. What's the point in trading one life for another ? Dead Hero. Nice ring to it.
  9. So The Bear dies in a car wreck. Survived all those years of taking acid, with his mental faculties intact. LSD consumers, manufacturer's and promoters are vilified, scorned, ostracized, persecuted, prosecuted and considered by some, the dregs of society. Auto manufacturers are praised, given government bail-outs, and are among the most important of all manmade consumables. Arguably so was LSD. Sure, some people died of their LSD adventures, but a whole lot more.....ratio wise, have died as the result of car accidents. Crazy world ain't it ? gl
  10. Ironically I just found a Japanese pressing of this at the second hand cd shop nearby, It's the first Dead cd I've gotten outside of the boxset that left off just before this was released.
  11. Oh geezz.... better head for the hills, I hope this isn't the next picture,
  12. Get your cash together, it's a once in a lifetime offering, 6 days to go !!!!!! http://cgi.ebay.com/...em=170614261047 gl
  13. Spock......"Commode-Or Decker, I hope your bowel movement is proceeding at wipe speed !!" Butt then.... Spock !! Spock !!!! Get me an enima !!!!!!!! gl
  14. ^ I wonder if what Kirk left behind resembled the 'Doomsday Machine'.
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