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  1. I wouldn't be here if I wasn't a Zep head but in my opinion The Strokes are the best band (still active.) Two guitarists weaving melodies in and out. Amazing bass player. Julian Casablancas has that great voice. The first three albums are the best https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OvgZPIeSxXA
  2. Never say never... As long as they're still alive, anything's possible.
  3. I did see Page with The Black Crowes in Detroit (in 2000). Fantastic show. The thing that amazed me about watching Page with the Black Crowes was how different he was compared with Rich Robinson and the other guitarist. The Crowes have great players but nothing that really stands out. Jimmy Page absolutely stole the show. When it was Page's time to solo, his sloppy trademark style was so unique. Not to take anything away from Rich Robinson, but his solos sound like every other blues player out there. Jimmy's tone, technique, and style sets him apart from. Even when he shares the stage
  4. I found some high quality videos on Youtube of the September 23, 1998 Page/ Plant show in Las Vegas. I was at that show (the last time I saw Page and Plant together). It was one of the best concerts I've ever seen. I posted a video of Page Plant - No Quarter - Las Vegas 1998 on my website. Does anyone know where I can get the complete video of that concert? or the recording (i'm pretty sure it's soundboard quality)? Thanks.
  5. Do you think jimmypage.com will add a forum?
  6. I have to admit I'm a l bit disappointed with jimmypage.com. Like most people I was very excited (waiting for the hourglass to empty)... I thought he would announce tour dates or post new music. The biggest let down is that the site has no videos or music. However, the photo galleries are pretty cool. Hopefully he will add a multimedia page.
  7. ---JUST FOR FUN - NOT TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY--- July 14, 2011 London, England With the launch of his new website, www.jimmypage.com, Jimmy Page officially announced Led Zeppelin will kick off a world tour, beginning September 22nd at Madison Square Garden, NYC. The rock group will play 26 shows in North America and is planning a European tour in early 2012. Apparently Jimmy Page has finally convinced Robert Plant to jump on board for a full blown reunion tour. In an interview Page recalls "Robert called me out of the blue and said let's put the band together one last time... we'r
  8. Like most die hard Zep heads I have collected many LZ recordings over the years. One time, when I was a kid, I remember literally spending ever penny I earned from my paper route (a months salary) to buy "Led Zeppelin - For Badgeholders Only" at the local record store. Then I made cassette tapes (by playing the album on the turntable and sticking a tape recorder next to the speaker) and hooked up my friends with copies. Obviously the recording quality stunk but we didn't know better back then. Times have certainly changed. But the spirit of collecting and sharing music hasn't. 30 years la
  9. hi!!! nice to hear from you!!!

    it's been a long time I don't come here. sorry, just now i see that you added me...

    so, how are you? having a good week? i hope so!

    come anytime you want, ok?!

    all good things!!!


  10. Check out this link for the Led Zeppelin O2 concert... pretty decent audio quality (stereo mix). I seriously doubt they will ever release an official version... but I would certainly buy it if they did.
  11. I've been adding a lot of new content to http://www.LedZeppelinGuitar.com... definitely worth checking out!

  12. Danny Carey is a great drummer (one of the best out there today)
  13. Thanks for adding me as a friend.

    Many greetings from Germany

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