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Status Updates posted by ledzepfilm

  1. You don't get it, don't you. He hasn't been on for weeks. He's obviously not going to give us the tape, and if you keep bothering him it will make him think you are a greedy bitch. Leave the guy alone!

  2. Please, could you give us an update?

  3. Another virginiaite! Like meself.

  4. Hey dude, any update on the tape?

  5. Sprained my foot. :/

  6. Hey. Thanks for the friend request on Fb. I wanna accept but I don't want trouble from my parents. ;)

  7. Good news kdh. By the front end of October you mean the beginning right?

  8. Nothing yet, unfortunutely.

  9. I know who this is! Riffwager am I right? Any update on this Japan clip?

  10. zepps_apprentice is going to get a copy of the VHS. He'll transfer it to digital, give a link to me and pop it to youtube.

  11. Hey. I saw you have posted my videos on Royal Orleans and was excited to see the Pontiac film. I am seriously getting it soon, in a week or 2.

  12. Hey, just wanna say thanks for taking the time to digging this clip up. It's really gonna be awesome when it's up on youtube. BTW, just asking, when do you have the time to dig up the tape?

  13. Thanks alot, captian obvious.



  14. Your not responding....

  15. Hey dude, if you want to have an address zepps_apprentice told me that you'll need to respond to his messages first, he'll then give you an address. Just a heads up if you made the copy

  16. Getting closer to that Pontiac 8mm film....

  17. If you recived zepps_apprentice's messages he'll give you an address. Just touch base with him

  18. I miss you messaging me! I hope your back soon!

  19. I hope you are ok and safe, we might be getting the Pontiac footage real soon!

  20. Ok, fine, no address no go. Fine.

  21. I was asking if you had a video camera and a tripod, I don't want to give out my address, I was asking if you could film the footage from the TV, don't care how bad the quality, (as long as it's still and not shakey) and put it on the computer? I'm just asking if you could do that? I know you don't have that fancy stuff but atleast you could do that?

  22. For that suggestion you'll need a camchorder, a VHS player, the tape, a fire wire cable, and a computer (duh). Thanks for taking the time to get me the footage, are you sure it's from Pontiac? I am not entirely sure if it is. Any background info on it?

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