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  1. Rock Band 3.. the latest version does have the real instruments that can be used to play the game or record real music! I don't think them having a LZ Rock Band will be selling out! That game would give the Die Hards what they want as well as exposing whole new generations to their music! If they used a Zep song for a Cadillac commercial and for the movie School of Rock... Then they can make a LZ Rock Band game for the fans... It's not about the money! Even though they will make an S load! It's real sad Page feels that way! I understand the selling out part, but C'mmmmmooonnnn.... The Fans Pag
  2. What's up everyone!! I didn't take the time to go through all of the posts, but I was wondering if anyone has ever heard of a Led Zeppelin Rock Band edition in the works? Since they have Metallica, Beatles, AC DC and everyone else.... Wouldn't that be awesome to have a LZ Rock Band edition to jam out on!!! Is there anything the fans can do to make it happen? Whether we have to get permission from the Gods of Rock to putting pressure on Activision to make it happen! Just thought I would throw it out there! I need to get the Led Out!
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