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  1. 2.5 hour close on a Monday...fun.

  2. Ray Rice dropped by the Ravens. Wonder which team is going to be ballsy enough to piss off all of America and pick him up.

  3. Comedy Central should be looking to get the rights to air this cowboys game

  4. Originally wasn't happy with the decision to go receiver with our first pick in the draft. Glad they did now. Cooks is insane.

  5. Joan Rivers and Robbin Williams....they always come in3s. RIP

  6. Defense looking rough

  7. Back to work tonight. 12 days off and it still doesn't seem like enough.

  8. 1(possibly 2) spots open in a $50 PPR league. Online draft is this Sunday at 730. Let me know if you are interested.

  9. Apparently the hotel I'm in is right on the border of the time zone change. Were laying in a king sized bed, and it's 1:30 where I'm laying. However, it's 12:30 where Brandi is laying.

  10. Eminem concert was amazing! One of the best shows I've ever seen. Well worth the 1000 mile drive.

  11. 4 hours later we finish the rock n roll hall of fame. Was pretty amazing. Proud of myself for not spending my entire paycheck there

  12. Happy 66th birthday to Robert Plant. Fitting day to be headed to the rock n roll hall of fame.

  13. Day 2 in the books! Kentucky was a blast. Ohio bound!

  14. The sinkhole at the corvette museum. Insane.

  15. So long, Memphis! For those of you who have never been to Graceland, add it to your bucket list. A must for any music fan. Day 1 = success. Off to Kentucky!

  16. The ice bucket challenge thing seems pretty backwards. "I care about this disease, so I'm going to pour cold water on myself to avoid having to donate to said disease." Solid logic.

  17. Also, shout out to the canes 73 crew for attempting to give me diabetes on my last shift. So many sweets! For the few of you who can read this, been awesome working with you guys! Thanks for a great 8 months!

  18. Last shift at Canes 73. Also last shift before 12 days off in a row! Ready for this much needed vacation!

  19. RIP Robin Williams.

  20. A week from today I'll be finishing up my last shift at the Prarieville Canes. Off to another new store!

  21. Dear red mustang owner, Despite your super intimidating stare down, consistent honking, and constant revving of your engine...I have no desire to race you. If I didn't speed up after the first mile of your nonsense, what makes you think I was caving in after 8 miles? Take a hint and fuck off.

  22. Jack White is coming to New Orleans this June! The concert list for 2014 keeps growing!

  23. No Walking Dead. No football. Sundays have lost all meaning.

  24. Such a shitty night

  25. I love Brandi so much, she is the best. =)

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