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  1. Just shows how exceptional Obama is. Hell I opposed the war from the day the idea was floated and never bought the evidence, so I guess *I* should be his running mate. Also Obama was a state senator at the time. He had much less at stake. Also it is a fact that some Senators had access to 'intelligence' other people did not, which of course may also have been faked. Ugly idea, but I imagine if Obama had been in the Senate then, he probably would have voted for the war, too. Look I'm not in love with Biden. Wasn't keen when the choice was made. I hope he doesn't have a harmful effect on Oba
  2. Biden wasn't 'fooled' because he was dumb, he was lied to outright with fake "intelligence" from the CIA, the gravitas of Colin Powell (who flushed his credibility down the toilet and hasn't been heard from since), and stone-cold lies from the neocons. Bush also callously used the nation's anxiety over 9/11 to start a war just so he could avenge daddy, even though it's now clear it had nothing to do with Iraq. That's just plain low. But hey, his buddies came out ok winning contracts to rebuild the country we destroyed. Then not only do the start the war in this disgusting fashion, but then pro
  3. I'm listening to Trampled Underfoot right now. It is definitely the 02 show. But it's not professionally recorded. Sounds good, though. Better than the one versio of the show I torrented (not sure if it's Slowburn's or not.) I'm going to try to tape the full show tomorrow. They will no doubt split it up with talking and commercials though.
  4. I'm really looking forward to I'm Not There... True love can make a blade of grass Stand up straight and tall In harmony with the cosmic sea True love needs no company
  5. That's pretty ridiculous. Why can't he form a band with a different name?!?
  6. Just Like Tom Thumb Blues And I hope that you die And your death will come soon I'll follow your casket In the pale afternoon I'll watch while you're lowered Down to your death bed And I'll stand over your grave 'Til I'm sure that you're dead
  7. Changing of the Guards The flowers of the city Though breath-like Get death-like sometimes And there's no use in tryin' To deal with the dyin' Though I cannot explain that in lines
  8. I think it's the jester who stole His thorny crown... Just fits, is all...
  9. Well I don't agree with that, either. Ain't I a pain in the ass? I don't see why he can't sing Zep songs if he wants. He does have a way of putting his own 'solo' spin on them.
  10. That implies that fans of his solo work are only biding their time until he gets back with Zeppelin. Bull. Many Zep fans are Plant fans that love his solo work in its own right. And this may not be so well known, but he has a lot of fans that are not Zep fans. A lot. Go to a show and talk to folks and you'll see. And doing stuff like Raising Sand adds to that.
  11. I can understand the arguments both ways but everyone is entitled to their opinion. Me saying it's not Led Zeppelin to me is just my own opinion and shouldn't a) piss you off or affect you in any other way if you feel differently. This is supposed to be a discussion board. So allow us to discuss our opinions. If it doesn't agree with yours so be it. It's not like we're required to come up with a single answer. It's entirely up to them how to use the name, of course, but I'm entitled to decide how I feel about it, too. I'm not going to stop liking them or not go if they tour, etc. I didn't
  12. I agree 100%. I wish they were not using the name so freely. Their right, I guess. Just my personal feelings.
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