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  1. I'm really looking forward to I'm Not There... True love can make a blade of grass Stand up straight and tall In harmony with the cosmic sea True love needs no company
  2. Just Like Tom Thumb Blues And I hope that you die And your death will come soon I'll follow your casket In the pale afternoon I'll watch while you're lowered Down to your death bed And I'll stand over your grave 'Til I'm sure that you're dead
  3. Changing of the Guards The flowers of the city Though breath-like Get death-like sometimes And there's no use in tryin' To deal with the dyin' Though I cannot explain that in lines
  4. I think it's the jester who stole His thorny crown... Just fits, is all...
  5. Magic Time - Van Morrison NP: The Lion This Time EXCELLENT recent Van da Man album. Highly recommended.
  6. Van Morrison at the United Palace Theater in Manhattan on October 13. Beautiful old art deco theater recently restored. Great sound. Van did a fantastic show. Great singing. Had a great band. Really played bandleader. Van played his sax and harmonica on various songs. Thing about Van is, he doesn't just trot out the hits. If you're going to see him, it's best if you're up on his last few albums. A recent favorite is Magic Time, a terrific album start to finish, that I think came out in 2003. Opener was Bobby "Blue" Bland.
  7. Romance in Durango, one of my favorite Dylan tunes, off of Desire.
  8. Ladies of the Canyon - Joni Mitchell NP: Morning Morgantown
  9. Here I am. Apologies to those with weak constitutions.
  10. Rosario Dawson Gabrielle Union
  11. infidel

    The pub

    Can I get a pint of Guinness?
  12. "300" -eh, it was ok, but not really good. more like a mix between watching a movie and watching other people play a video game.
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