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  1. I did know him, I aint spoke to him for years. He lived at in between Cookley and Wolverley near Stourbridge and drank in the 'The Lock'. but last I heard from a mate he's moved down to Worcester now. but hey, this is the internet and I could be a nerd with no mates, except the above is all true! We also had Wizard, Slade, Def leopard, Saxon, Iron Maiden and Steel Pulse all within a few miles of us!
  2. I went over to Ultimate Guitar to play some of my old Zeppelin favourites and was stunned to find Led Zeppelin songs are BLOCKED to people living in the UK!! If you are in the UK go try one Come on Boys, I live round the corner from Rob Plant and speak with him on occasions when we bump into each other! I know he would be furious if he knew up and coming guitar fans were being barred from playing some of OUR COUNTRIES best rock music. They would be mad as hell! Get it sorted!!! Music and its fan base have a RELATIONSHIP, stop the middlemen from ruining that! all the best everyone,
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