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  1. Nothing like driving up the I-15 dodging crazy bastards willing to run you down in the name of getting to work on time... Ahh the old days
  2. You cant help but be an asshole for little or no reason can you?
  3. I don't know.. I never saw anything about Ringo that really stood out to me... I know this a Zeppelin forum, and they're tied with Queen for my favorite band, but in my honest opinion, I think Neil Peart takes it on drums... There's things he does that just makes you think "What the fuck??? Seriously??? How????"
  4. Forgive us oh master of authenticity!!!! *bows weeping*
  5. Page / Plant, Vh1 accually playing music, Star Trek: TNG, decent movies, cellular phones werent smarter than people yet, good video games, people still believed the zep reunion tours when they heard them, young people werent complete sociopaths yet, a pack of reds still costed a couple bucks, a gallon of gas for a dollar, that feeling like big and important things were happening all around you (at least on the west coast in the 90's) music was still music to a degree... Anyone else miss that decade?
  6. How many believe this story to be accurate? The tale of Robert running up an down the aisle of a plane shouting "Toilets! Toilets for Robert! Wheres the toilet? Robert needs a toilet! Toilets!" And no... Im not making this up, its been written about it a few different books.
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