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  1. Well I was backstage after the show and did see Dave Grohl, and Joe Elliott. Wish I could have seen more, I also saw Liam Gallagher from Oasis....
  2. yeah, I'll have to say that JPJ was outstanding on the keyboards for Kashmir! Thought it was good to open with Good Times, Bad Times....
  3. Well, I was there backstage and actually chatted briefly with Dave Grohl. It was amazing. I think he was just happy to be there....and I think Jason did a phenomenal job!! I shook his hand after the show and congratulated him. He was very humble......
  4. I'm assuming that this VIP afterparty is ONLY for those who are invited.....is that right?
  5. Hey there Stryder1! Well, we're on the ticket guest list but we don't even know if we're going to be able to catch up with Robert Plant after the show..He's a good friend of ours but this event may be just too big....will try to catch up with his PA sometime before the concert....
  6. Hello everybody!! I'm so glad a lot of people from North America are going! I'm actually departing from Memphis but I have a layover at Chicago O'Hare for about 2 hours....is anybody connecting there and flying to Heathrow on American Airlines flight 46? I think we're supposed to arrive in London around 9:45 am on the 7th....would be cool if there is....we could talk about the concert, make plans to meet for a Led Zep party....etc... We're staying at The Edward Hotel in central London near Hyde Park.....
  7. Hi everyone. I'm not sure about a cloakroom at the O2, but as far as what to pack, I'm bringing some silk underwear (the kind to wear under your clothes) a few sweaters, gloves, scarfs, a few pair of pants, and ONLY 2 pairs of shoes! I live in Mississippi and it actually does get cold here. I've been to London twice, but only in the summer. I'd really make sure to bring a small umbrella and a coat, but you want to wear several layers of clothes to keep out the dampness....
  8. we'll be flying actually on Thursday night, the 6th, but will land early morning of the 7th around 10 am London time. Don't know if I'll be ready for a beer yet but ya never know!! Definitely by Saturday, Sunday, MONDAY!!!!!
  9. Hi everyone. I know someone on here wanted to know about closing time, but I just wanted to know what time the first band will come onto the stage. Anyone know the order they will be playing in? Of course Zeppelin will close!!!
  10. Hi everyone.... I can't believe the concert is less than 2 weeks away!!! Has anyone ever stayed at the Edward Hotel near Paddington Station? We found a room there for a reasonable price but just wanted some extra feedback..... Thanks!!
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