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  1. 7 more days!! Yes, only seven more days till things can get back to normal!!!

  2. Any one been to Nepisiguit Falls? Just got back from there. What a beauty of a spot. 100+ year old hydro electric dam and fantastic scenery along the river...in the middle of friggin nowhere!!!!

  3. Before and after. First time I've not had a snow bank at the end of my driveway! Just the one in front of my garage!

  4. Currently in Alberton PEI. Just sitting here. Waiting. Oh ya...I'm getting paid too!

  5. Got me 2 tickets to The Moody Blues...but Sarah can't go! Anyone want to take her place? This Friday night at the Coliseum.

  6. Hey MissMelanie! Any fan of Top Gear is a friend of mine! James is a hoot in his own way. Captain Slow! Great to talk to you, have a great day!

  7. Just got home from the "Brit Floyd" concert. 6 concerts in the past 12 months...this one topped them all!

  8. My lovey is 14 today!!! No longer a bakers dozen.

  9. On another note...it's Monday morning, Dec 5, and it's sunny and 10 deg out here! What's up with that? 10 am too.

  10. Sarah and I are in the grand stands awaiting U2!!!

  11. Sarah and I went to Serena Ryder last night. What a great artist she is! We both loved every minute. If you haven't heard "Stompa" yet, check it out.

  12. So I've got 2 tickets to Deep Purple in February! Big question now...who's going with me? Smoke On The Water anyone?

  13. So, anyone gonna be in Moncton on March 6? Brit Floyd will be at the casino, and I have tickets. Best Pink Floyd cover band there is. Let me know, the seats are paid for, 4 of them, 3 actually, my butt will be in one of them! My other invite can't make it. Lemme know.

  14. Thanks! And Cheers!

  15. The Australian Pink Floyd Show November 10, 2010 8PMTickets: $54.00 (taxes and handling included) End Stage - All Seats Reserved

  16. I'm always sad when my daughter cuts her hair too! :(

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