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  1. Great shots Strider! If I was to post a picture from here today, well just picture in your mind a plain white sheet of paper! That would be the image seen in all directions this morning. We did get some peeks of sun around supper time though.

  2. My only audience member is a dog who appears apathetic to the whole affair. I play because it is healthy for the soul, fun, and a good thing to do when you have spare time. When I'm torturing the Tele all of life's troubles get shoved way in the background.

    I will never be good enough to have other folks wish to hear what I'm playing, and I'm 100 percent okay with that.

    A lot of the same here. Everyone has different reasons to play, but I think a common link in all of us is that part inside that feels the music. The satisfaction, just the simple feeling of a guitar in your hands, the appreciation of the crafts person who made the guitar or what the song/music writer was thinking or inspired by when the crafted the piece you are playing. And all those other intangibles that are hard to put into words.

    Guess what? Time to sign off now, I have a wonderful urge to pick up one of my guitars right now. See ya!


  3. Knebby, I wish I could say it surprises me, but it does not. I am so sorry this has happened to you, I have a daughter too and it would devastate me. And although I know you know this, I still want to say it anyway, there are still kind and respectful people here. The ones you speak of do not represent the majority, I wish they had no representation here at all.


  4. Well, you all need to get yourselves to Nik Turner's Space Ritual extravaganza when it hits your town. They do the whole shebang. Outrageous!

    Very interesting. That sounds like a recipe for a great evening!

    Me and my sister in-law somewhere in Greece this past July...for the life of me I cannot remember which island we were on that day!!!


  5. Had McD's last night, was the first time that I can remember I did not enjoy the fries! The McChicken and smoothie were just fine though.

    After the fries I went to my nephews hockey game with my sister. They lost 4-2, but they were all happy with how they played. THAT is what "it" is all about.

  6. Debbie Gibson would start my list, for many reasons. Now that was when I was a teeny bopper. Had I been a tween 10 or so years ago I would have had Hillary Duff posters filling my room I think. My musical tastes did not mature for another couple of years.

    I admit though, like TypeO, some of my daughters music has caught on a bit. There are even a few that have sneaked their way onto my iPod. Ellie Goulding is one that has caught my attention for some reason.

  7. He did a radio ad for PEI tourism many years ago and sung the phone number at the end...8 double zero 565-7421! I still remember the number!!! And I can still hear him singing it.

    Next time you hear thunder it will be Tom just a stompin'!!!

  8. Was in "Spin It" today with my daughter. Best shop in Moncton for a while now. Had LZ IV in my hands, didn't walk out with it though. So easy to spend a lot of time in there, each time after I leave I think of something else I forgot to look for.

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