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  1. I like to see some of the old threads dusted off. Why not... Number one for me. But why? They are the only band that did not put out anything I didn't like. Most of their music I absolutely love, some of it I can say I like, there is nothing I dislike or really don't want to listen too of theirs. And yes, I include CODA when I say that. They are the only band I can say I at least "like" everything they have done. I know radio ruined some of Zeppelin's work for some on here, of course that is not a fault of the band. Fortunately/unfortunately radio around here didn't over play Zep, they over did it on plenty of others though. All other bands in my top 5 have put out some brilliant work, but for me they all turned out some real duds too. Loved by many, but not me.
  2. Going to see Deep Purple in 2 weeks. Anyone know what version the current line-up resembles? As I recall there are 3 versions of the band according to who was in the band at the time. First week of March I will be going to see Brit Floyd. Currently made up of several (?) members of The Australian Pink Floyd Show. So far anything I have read about them indicates they have put together a better show than TAPFS. What great selections some of you have in your area. I am pleased we get what we get.
  3. Hey Paul, loved that one. I know all RUSH fans have see/heard this one lots, but I enjoyed the different setting...
  4. I would like to say thanks to all that have posted their picture on here. All beautiful people. All having much more nerve than I. It is great to see who we all are talking to. And remember...respect the teachings of your Mama! (thanks Walter)
  5. Minus 15c yesterday (-25 wind chill) 16cm of snow over night plus 7 and rain at supper time today down to -19 forecast for the end of tomorrow.
  6. I love it! My daughter and I call her Bouncy Knowles! Now her kid has to go through life with the name Blue! Not that her life will be all that bad.
  7. That cold from hell is making it's way around the world. Day 9 for me. Not keeping me away from work though. Now that I think of it, I have had this cold since last year!!
  8. Comparing to the tattoos I've seen...that is original!! In a good way. Can I ask the significance?
  9. Cool news, thanks. I expect the Fender guitar forums are buzzing with that news. She is well loved there.
  10. THREE HUNDRED TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS!!!!!!! cough cough
  11. Okay...now that's some good blues!!! Have liked Prince from "Little Red Corvette" onward, just would not have considered myself a fan. After seeing these posts/videos (there has been a lot of talk of him on a Fender guitar forum lately too) my "like" is likely to graduate to "fan". Dang that's good Deborah J!!!!
  12. Kiwi!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jc-EdW1amwg Thanks! That is so awesome! I know there are pics of it on the interweb, but when you (sorta) know the photographer it just looks better. I would like to email a copy to my mum. Ps: just wanted to say I have a niece who's nick name is Kiwi.
  13. Kiwi did you happen to get a picture of the Bean Rock light house? It is very old, a great history and, at least for here, very different than ours. My mother, also a Zep fan at 71, is a huge fan of light houses.
  14. What a day Kiwi! Love the pics from far away (for me). What a beautiful place. I know I'm going out on a limb here...but...you love your mom don't you? Did you enjoy the ferry trip?
  15. 7 more days!! Yes, only seven more days till things can get back to normal!!!

  16. greenman, and all, what great photography! If I may add a snap from January of this year...
  17. On another note...it's Monday morning, Dec 5, and it's sunny and 10 deg out here! What's up with that? 10 am too.

  18. Thanks Deborah J! Right now this is the closest I'll be getting to seeing these guy's. Gotta hope for a north east tour that I could get to.
  19. So I've got 2 tickets to Deep Purple in February! Big question now...who's going with me? Smoke On The Water anyone?

  20. While the wind was howling there, we experienced something that is rare...at about 8am local, we were one of the warmest places in Canada and the US! It didn't last long (it got even warmer here but so did those other places) but it was nice. A week ago we had close to a foot of snow on the ground.
  21. And now we're getting it here. Pouring rain all day, then late this afternoon the snow started. About 4 inches down now. Very wet and heavy. 0 deg. (32) Was not in the forecast. Not impressed.
  22. Was chatting with my Mum last night, she told me what she was doing. Cleaning the kitchen. Normal so far. In the background however was the unmistakable sound of our beloved Led Zeppelin. Yup, me Mum had Zep playing on her iPod stereo. I'm the one that put them on her iPod, but she likes to have them on when in her kitchen. She is 71 and was not a fan in the past.
  23. Wednesday night I took my daughter to Avril Lavigne. What a great hing it is to do things like that with your kids. Avril's band is very tight. Very good musicians. The fact she has a hand in writing her material, singing it and playing her guitar to it as well makes it a bit more enjoyable for me. During one instrumental they did I closed my eyes to just listen, it had the makings and sound of a really good classic rock band. U2 Moody Blues Jeff Beck Avril Lavigne It's been a good year.
  24. Looking at the concerts some of you will be attending I am envious for sure. I hope they are as good as you are anticipating it will be. Two nights ago I had the pleasure of seeing Jeff Beck. Filled my expectations completely. His band was also exceptional. Another check on my bucket list. Tyler Bryant opened for him, I expect to hear about this guy more in the future. On Wednesday night, Oct 19, I will be taking my daughter to her fourth concert this year. Avril Lavigne. When I was 14 I had not gone to four concerts in total yet! Looking forward to it.
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