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  1. Serena Ryder - Stompa Heard it for the first time about an hour ago, love it. Just not sure if it has longevity or not.
  2. So I just unloaded the dish washer, there was a container in there with the lid still on it! Well, the outside is clean!
  3. My "baby" will be 16 in April, not looking forward to it either! I was a driving instructor for 16 years though so she will get thorough lessons from me. I also will enter her in some of the driving competitions that I compete in, I want her armed with as much knowledge, skill and experience as possible. Wow, I just realised 16 years of teaching and I've been out of it for 11 now. I really did start when I was two!
  4. Glad you're okay! Didn't sound like a fun experience. I have CAA, same thing, and if I never use it I'm okay with that but it sure is worth every penny when you do.
  5. I'm late. I adapt, but I'm late. I love gadgets though. I gotta go, I'm late.
  6. Bravo! Thanks for sharing that. Love the guitar faces...mandatory on a tune like that! Got any more Zep tunes? What model of Strat? Amp? Always love to know about the gear I'm listening to.
  7. We had wind chills in the minus 30 range yesterday morning, it was +2 and sunny by lunchtime today. Snow tonight. If you don't like the weather here, just wait a minute, it'll change!
  8. Nice job! Glad the camera went to your guitar player and didn't just stay on your singer. Wish a Led Zeppelin cover band would play around here some time. This city could use a band like you guys!!
  9. Listening to my daughter learn how to play a One Direction song on my Stratocaster.
  10. So after reading the OP in full, I see no reason to hate on you at all. You are just throwing your thoughts/ideas out there to add to the discussions of all things Led Zeppelin. Cool! I, like you as you clearly stated "Of course, it is just a dream", know there will not be an O2 again nor will we see the three of them doing such gigs. But it would be cool. What a treat it would be for, I am guessing, most of the fans. I had a similar thought when I went to U2's last North American concert on their 360 tour. There were so many rumours of surprise guests that were going around, I had my wish list of who I was hoping for. But there were none. As expected. But hey, like you it was fun to dream about it!
  11. Oh, what about Mr. Bean! Love him.
  12. Well, for the most part...all of the above. And... Jimmy Carr Russell Peters Jeremy Hotz John Pinette
  13. Okay, that took some time. Cool selections. Some need some checking out on my part, unfamiliar indeed. I like 28, 29, and 30 as well. Only difference is they would be on my top 100 list instead.
  14. Maybe I'm just easily amused this morning but that was good. I did indeed laugh out loud. Thanks Strider. There was crap on TV this morning too so I chose a show I've not watched in a long time, glad I did.
  15. Apollo Live Jazz, blues, pop, comedy. Oh to have been there when Hendrix was on.
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