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  1. Just got home from seeing Jeff Beck!!!! Tyler Bryant opened, not bad at all! Bass player was Rhonda Smith from Halifax, that girl has her groove goin' on. What a player. Some where over the rainbow. How does he do it? Nice tribute to Les Paul too. I could go on but I have to get up at 5am. Nite nite. Steve
  2. Saw The Moody Blues last night. I went in with expectations. To say they were met would be an understatement! "Nights in White Satin" was expected to be the highlight of the evening for me, and it certainly was good, but the rest of the concert was spectacular. Their sound was better than expected. Justin Hayward was/is the least animated of the bunch but his voice and his playing were spot on. Their flutist, Norda Mullen, was both talented and beautiful. What a great show. Even if you are not a huge fan, I believe you would thoroughly enjoy this concert. Ps: congratulations slave to zep!
  3. Got me 2 tickets to The Moody Blues...but Sarah can't go! Anyone want to take her place? This Friday night at the Coliseum.

  4. For me the 70's were Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band. They were the ones I would anxiously wait for the next album to drop. LZ was there but being a broke kid and living outside of a small city my choices for buying music were limited. Seger got the nod. I slowly moved more towards LZ in the 80's and 90's as more and more of the bands I liked changed. Led Zeppelin was easily filling the void that the others were leaving. Like was mentioned earlier, they didn't have anything I wanted to skip over. I wanted to listen to it all.
  5. @ happiness... Moncton show it is. @ ebk... Neil Diamond? Love me some of that Hot August Night!!! @ Strider... Sounds like you're feeling pretty down about it? Not!
  6. I just won a pair of tickets to The Moody Blues! Next Friday night here in town. T-shirt, mouse pad (haven't used one of those in years), signed drum head and a string pack! Giddy-up! A couple of weeks later I'll be going to see Jeff Beck. Last month I went to the U2 concert. Now, only if...nah, I won't go there!
  7. Watched "HOT ROD TV" Sunday morning on Speed. I was having breakfast and there was not much else on, so while surfing, something caught my eye. There was a guy wearing a Gibson hat...hello! Let's just take a peek and see what's up here. As it turns out the owner of a hot rod was getting Gibson guitars custom shop to make a guitar to match his car. They chose the Les Paul model for the project. While in their conference room discussing the build I noticed two large pictures on the wall...yup, one of 'em was Jimmy! Sorry, I have no idea who the other guy was (might have been Billy Gibbons since there was a Whole Lotta Beard). Took long enough for me to tell ya I saw a picture of Jimmy on a wall, huh? Oh well, he's worth it.
  8. Currently in Alberton PEI. Just sitting here. Waiting. Oh ya...I'm getting paid too!

  9. This was in yesterday's paper...
  10. Well the last U2 360 tour concert was last night. To rate my next statement you should know that I have seen these bands live: April Wine The Guess Who BTO RUSH The Rolling Stones AC/DC and... um... er,,, *cough* Celine Dione, Ricky Scaggs, Shania Twain and a few others. anywho... Last night was by far the best I have ever been to. No competition. For me Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd would top it, but that ain't gonna happen now izit? The stage, the lights, the atmosphere, the people! to hear 80,000 people not just "singing to the music" (oh oh oh oh) but to be yelling the words! There were times I could not hear a thing coming from the speakers. Bono stopped a couple of times to listen to us. I'm sure this happens at most if not all the concerts they have, but I was at this one! The show was opened by Carney http://www.carneyband.com/ They have a good connection to U2. Next up was Arcade Fire http://www.arcadefire.com/ who opened for U2 back in '05. What a high energy group they are. Fantastic musicians as well. One of the great show highlights for us was "The Ballad of Springhill". http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Springhill_mining_disaster And Bono even sung a verse of "Hallelujah". No special guests...as were rumored. Would have been nice, but certainly not needed. Thanks all. Steve
  11. Sarah and I are in the grand stands awaiting U2!!!

  12. Just reading some of the above posts make me happy. However, the reason for this post is...tomorrow is the last stop on U2's 360 tour, sad, but I'm going, happy. I'll be there with my daughter, my brother and my sister and her family. Rumors are spreading about special guests since it is the last show. A reunion of "It Might Get Loud"!?!?!? Not bloody likely. But there has been talk of Eric Clapton and BB King. Plausible. This time tomorrow night I will be there, hopefully the rain will hold off and it will be a memory maker. Tid bit: there will be more people at that concert than the entire population of the city hosting the concert!
  13. I don't post often but this deserves my attention. Happy Birthday and thanks for all the great reads. Today's included.
  14. Hope this isn't a re-post. Deborah Bonham singing Roberts "Big Log"... As a Stratocaster player I am always looking for that song with the unmistakable sound of a Strat. Not so much here but lots to be had on the original.
  15. JPJ and Beck? Yes. Many times he has had guests on stage with him, what a gift that would be. On a similar note...JPJ and Tal Wilkenfeld? Dueling basses! (does she still do any tours with him?) Listening to Jeff Beck at Crossroads 2007 right now.
  16. Thanks Deborah J. Love seeing collections like that and the history that goes with them. I am looking forward to seeing Mr. Beck in October when he comes to our little town.
  17. Way to go Walter!! Well it's that time of the year again...the McLobster is back! Any one else able to get Lobster at McDonald's? Or is it just a regional thingy?
  18. Well unlike DavidZoso I don't have the beautiful curves of a female showing up at my door (by the way, congrats DZ) however I do have some beautiful new curves lying in my lap this evening...my new Stratocaster. Time to go make her sing to me.
  19. What a great picture of Sara! She looked wonderful on Dancing With The Stars.
  20. How did she get those rocks to stand like that? and here is mine...
  21. Hi Leah Lilith Eleida, Is that a dragon on your shoulder?
  22. ^^^ Well said Steve, well said. ^^^
  23. The 3 porkers...ew! Took a minute. Water reflections are always great shots. Mine, morning fog starting to clear...
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