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  1. Hmmmm...what made me happy today? Well first it IS Friday! Good start. At work we get jobs that are known as "Friday jobs", and to get a Friday job on a Friday is not as common as we would like. Today I got a Friday job!! Yee ha! Next, the wind has finally died down and the temperature has risen a bit. Wind chills in the minus 30's has been hitting us all week. And I work outside! My daughter and her mother are getting on a bit better this week, finally. And she (my daughter) will be with me for the weekend! I am happy I can say I have two "best" friends. The discussion here reminds me how fortunate I am to have those friends. Now, what colour will I paint my toena...um, tools! Ya, paint my tools, that's it! Enjoy your weekend everyone! :-)
  2. Very cool, thanks for sharing that! Really glad to hear your Ma saved them.
  3. Late to the party, haven't been here since...last year. Happy New Year to absolutely everyone! 2012 had some amazing highs for me and one particular lowest of lows, c'mon lucky '13!!
  4. What a great story. Thanks for that! ...hmmm, need to find me some friends like that! Ah heck, mine'l do.
  5. Glad to have you along! It can be a wonderful place here.
  6. Second snow storm in a week happening here! Last one was Thursday evening/night. That one had wet heavy stuff, this one so far is lighter. I've been out to shovel off my front step already, there was a 2 foot drift, almost couldn't open my door! I think we are getting the same storm. You took your daughter out driving this morning...is she just learning to drive? My daughter will be 16 in just a couple of months, I'm not looking forward to her driving in these conditions.
  7. MINI_Zoso


    Glad you found us, hope you stay a while.
  8. My life and the lives of the people around me on the road are so much more important than a phone call or a text message. It really sucks that we have to share the road with people that think the opposite! A phone call or text is more important than their own safety? Pull over dumb a$$! It's not hard! I'm holding back on this big time.
  9. Well that sucks on the sound thing!! I love this song and can play most of it. Hey ugra...nice job on yours!! What effects were you using? Your amp?
  10. LOL!! chillumpuffer... Sounds like Mrs. CP is a reason to post in the "what made you happy" thread! It would be great if we all had a "Mrs or Mr CP"?
  11. Something I found interesting... Last week I heard about a possible world wide ban on helium balloons!! There is supposedly a 40-50 year supply left in the world. Then I learned about it's use in the medical field. On Friday last I happened to be lifting an MRI (magnetic imaging resonance) machine out of one of our hospitals. It was their old one that was being sent to California for refurbishment. I was told it was full of helium!! It was still heavy though!
  12. < < < I own most of it! Still working on the rest.
  13. Glad you came! You\'re gonna love it here.
  14. I hear a proud mama talking!! ^^^^^^ Doesn't it just make you tingle when things like this happen to them?
  15. Rudeness is the weak man's imitation of strength. -- Eric Hoffer
  16. Another fix. Leaving me wanting so much more! Love JPJ's humour!
  17. MINI_Zoso

    heeey :)

    Isn't it cool that all these years later they still attract so many new fans?! The magic of Led Zeppelin, constantly proving how great a band they are/were! Welcome.
  18. This mass murder! It just plain sucks. Even as a parent I just could not imagine their pain! And my little one has been sick since Tuesday with no improvement yet!
  19. I have handled many things in my job, not many new things any more though. Tomorrow will be a new one for me, I'll be lifting an MRI unit out of one of our local hospitals. Apparently there is an opening in the roof that we can get it out. A good Friday job. Now to get those cards finished and ready to mail.
  20. Well poo! Pay Per View here (Canada) is not showing a listing for it tomorrow! Anyone know anything about that? I was hoping proceeds, or partial, would go towards the benefit. An easy way for me to help out a wee bit. I'll need to look for another source.
  21. Just heard that myself. Quite happy about RUSH and HEART. Two deserving bands. Hmmmm....Robert and Geddy have met, HEART is well known for covering LZ...nah! But it's fun to dream about.
  22. Um...The Bugs Bunny and Tweety Show! I have not watched this in too many years. Tonight they showed the one when Bugs is an orchestra conductor. In my forties and laughing like a kid.
  23. Hey tictac! Welcome to the forum.
  24. Me too! I've heard it on satellite and local radio!! Gotta love it!
  25. Wow, I came some close to asking when the concert was! Impressed with the line up. I was looking for Fender sponsorship for this. That looks so much like Fender headstock in the 121212. Really looking forward to this.
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