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  1. I would love to hear that one!! I expect it would be just brilliant. I can hear Robert singing it, and the emotion he would put into it.
  2. ^^^ Thanks for that Deborah J! :-) Anyone for some Jake E. Lee playing some Rock 'n Roll? Sass Jordan dong the singing... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sass_Jordan
  3. Thought I was going to like it actually! Didn't mind the start. But when she gets into the chorus...ew!
  4. For those that didn't see this at the theater and/or have not picked up their copy yet I will have a free screening of the Blu-Ray in full surround sound this Sunday afternoon. Show time 12:10 pm Tea will be served.
  5. But you still saved someones son/father/brother! If I ever screw up like that (I don't drink though) hope someone like you comes by.
  6. Joe (Liverpool) Hope you are well, keep us posted. Kiwi Sorry to hear what has happened. A co-worker witnessed 2 construction workers fall from a platform today. Both seriously injured. When he got back to work he was visibly distraught. Not pleasant for anyone. Planted Sorry to hear about such a loss. It does remind me though to be thankful of such people. My late uncle was at one time Canada's longest surviving kidney transplant survivor. He lived more than 25 years after his transplant.
  7. Ah Heart, love them. I will always have a place in my, um, heart for them!! Hope they play some Zep for you. I'm heading out to see The Australian Pink Floyd Show tonight. Huge Floyd fan, they are second only to Zep for me.
  8. Loaded question wasn't it? That was as easy to answer as...what's your fave Zep song? There is just no short answer for that!
  9. Cars you say? Well... 1. Bugatti Veyron 2. Aston Martin (all) 3. Jag E Type 4. Ferrari 458 Italia 5. My MINI!!!!!! and there are many more that would love to list. Oh, gotta add my '68 Barracuda coupe that used to own and my buddy's '70 GTO Judge that he has owned since 1982.
  10. I'm in my 40's, started playing less than 2 years ago, been just me and YouTube all the way! Working on "The Rain Song" and "That's the Way" right now. Taking lessons is never a bad thing though. Long & McQuade has some good teachers.
  11. Welcome! Playing guitar eh? Better let us in on your gear! We all love pictures. There is a section here just for that. Fave Zep song to play?
  12. I'm okay with the list. It is, after all, just their opinion. My list would be different, as is my list of top guitarists compared to all other lists. Happy to say I have seen 2 of their top 10 live. Hmmmm...looking at that list reminds me I need to see more of them!
  13. Guess I'm not much of a fan! I've not heard of those!! Of course I like 'em very much though!
  14. Great news...looks like all warnings and alerts have been lifted. Read one report saying the largest wave caused by the quake measured 69cm or just over 2 feet. The plates movement sideways, rather than up and down, causes much less movement in the water.
  15. Glad you're here! It's a fun place to be.
  16. Hello fellow Zep fan/guitar player/gear head. Welcome! Been in motorsports for 30 years, guitars for 35, Zep for, well...since the first time I heard them! Ain't it fun?
  17. Dallas & Ugra... I enjoyed both videos. Dallas, love the Tele. I have one just like it (from what I could tell). Well done vid and playing! Ugra, watched a couple other vids of yours as well...nice!!
  18. As a long time Sheryl Crow fan I haven't liked him since he dumped her! Wonder how she is feeling about it?
  19. It seemed like it lasted five minutes...it seemed like it could last forever. Where did the time go? Not enough damn it!! I didn't need confirmation that Led Zeppelin was my favorite band, but I got it. This is likely the closest I will ever get to them, but it was very satisfying to say the least. The cinema has a 15,000 watt surround sound system. At the beginning it seemed they were using about FIVE!!! It got better as the movie went along, however everyone with me, including my mother, wanted it louder. One thing my mother was disappointed with was Robert wasn't wearing tight enough pants!!! MA!!! Seriously? There is a second showing next week, I'll be there.
  20. OMG OMFG OH SNAP! My neighbors are going to be seriously pissed when I get that DVD!!! That was EPIC! Gotta go get my git and play Kashmir now. I need more. Oh how I could ramble on..... (see what I did there?)
  21. I have blue-ray. Love it. For the price it was worth it to me. Is it a whole lot better than regular DVD? Personal opinion really, but it is better. I was also thinking along the same lines as you regarding my neighbors...it's gonna suck to be them when that blue-ray arrives!! I leave in 15 min.!!!!! Got my Led Zeppelin swag on too!! Me and 7 others, all family and friends. 3 generations will be there with me.
  22. I enjoy "top whatever" lists. But at the end of the day MY list is the only one that counts! As it should be with yours. Jimmy David Alex Stevie Eric Joe Lindsay Billy Richie...
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