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  1. Just watched Oprah! No, really I did! Check out the line up she had on today...it started with Stevie Nicks singing "Landslide". Then Sheryl Crow walks on stage and joins her. Next up was Joan Jett with some back-up by Miley Cyrus. Joan was sounding and looking hot as ever. After that Pat Bennetar with Avril Lavigne. They all sounded great and looked great. I'll even admit that I have every one of them on my iPod. Yes, Miley and Avril too.
  2. Deaths and diagnoses, they all just seem to suck the big one. I really suck at words so all I will say is pray for what you can, to whom ever you will. We are all music lovers here, go spin some of that musical healing. Teebo
  3. ^^^^Cool! I know my daughter will want to get in on that.
  4. My lovey is 14 today!!! No longer a bakers dozen.

  5. Not wanting to turn this into a goose thread, but, a near by soccer (football) field had to be shut down last summer due to it being covered in their POO! Unfortunately/fortunately they are considered a pest around here. Saw a bunch of these crappers today...spring is here.
  6. May I be so bold as to say how beautiful our female members are. Just had to put that out there! Not meant to offend or objectify. With the photos being in their simplest, natural forms, the "thousand words" they spoke compelled me to share my thoughts. Thanks, Steve
  7. Seriously, I just got this yesterday! I had the music, just didn't have the hard copy.
  8. Great to hear him again. Back to his "pre-children" sound. I found his music changed a bit after he had kids. Not a bad thing, I changed a bit after my daughter was born too. But I still prefer his earlier stuff. Seger is the only other artist ( Zeppelin being the other, duh!) that I truly have an obsession for. Will be looking for Downtown Train.
  9. It was a shut-out for her last night. O for 2. She had 2 nominations, an up and comer for sure. Arcade Fire walked away with 4 Junos, that aughta keep their Grammy some company up on the old mantle. It was good to see a couple of old greats last night too, Robbie Robertson, Neil young and Randy Bachman. Speaking of good looking broads up here, Sarah McLachlan and Shania Twain were also on last night. Never been a huge fan of either...but are they ever cute...er, I mean talented. Ya, that's it.
  10. Hey Silver Rider Will keep you posted about Hannah Georgas. The show is on tonight.
  11. Atlantic Canada will be watching the Junos at 9pm...9:30 in NFLD. When you see the list of artists Juliet just posted it will likely be a good show. Hey, while checking the guide I noticed there is a Celine Dion special on right now!!! OOOOPS...posting that on the wrong forum aren't I? I actually went to one of her concerts about 20 odd years ago. All I can say is as a young male in heat, and the number of female fans she had/has...you do the math.
  12. Today... What is and What Never Should Be Moncton's Classic Rock C103 http://www.c103.com/ I checked out their play list for the past 24 hrs: Heart Breaker Misty Mountain Hop Kashmir What is and What Never Should Be Rock and Roll Good Times None played back to back. Not a bad mix for a small town station.
  13. Funky Cold Medina - Tone Loc
  14. Tell me about snow and cold!! I have officially run out of places to put the snow!!! Oh, no, sorry, I think I see a spot on my roof for some more...arrrg At least there is none in the forecast, it was 4deg today (about 38-40F)
  15. Ah Stevie! I have some of his work on my iPod, strangely not that one though. I think I'll add it. 8
  16. Jackson Browne is coming to see me in April and I'm considering U2 right now. It will be the one and only time they will come to my little part of the world (July 30) and after "It Might Get Loud" he is now on a first name basis with JP...so me thinks...
  17. I was a lot like "imPLANTed" when I was younger, hated SD, with a passion. In high school I was the lunch time DJ during my junior year, I would get the requests for them but it just wasn't happening. Not while I was in control! About 20 years later one of their tunes was on the radio, one that I had not heard in a very long time, and I liked it! It was a song I would refuse to listen too/play in high school, but for some reason I was enjoying it that day. I have since added them to my iPod. Not full albums, just a dozen or so. Not sure what changed. I listened to LZ in high school but Bob Seger and AC/DC spent the most time on the turn table. After really getting into LZ and listening to ALL of their work I also feel different about my old faves, not the same as they used to be for me. Still liking them tho, just no where near the play time as they used to get. The Boys get top billing now.
  18. Thanks! And Cheers!

  19. Thanks for the reminder for tonights moon, just set my camera out to remind me to get some shots from my corner of the world.
  20. Gotta be "The Rain Song" for me. Sometimes it's just who you were with the first time you heard it that can make the difference.
  21. The Australian Pink Floyd Show November 10, 2010 8PMTickets: $54.00 (taxes and handling included) End Stage - All Seats Reserved

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