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  1. I lost my Dad this morning. Sorry for the downer folks, but after coming to this site for a couple of years now it was the first place I could think of at this time of the morning. I know some of you have gone through what I am going through right now. Not wanting you to re-live it though, I apologise for that. Isn't Led Zeppelin great?
  2. Move on, quickly, unless you don't mind some rambling. At 4:35 this morning my Dad lost his battle with cancer. Led Zeppelin is "MY" greatest band in the world!! I remember hearing about John Bonham's death. I was at a friend's house, he was a big fan, spent hours on his guitar learning Stairway to Heaven. The news made me imagine a stairway to heaven, I could see John walking up the steps with his drumsticks in hand. I saw my father walk those steps this morning. I always liked Zep but back in the 70's and 80's it was Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band for me with a healthy dose of AC/DC. So, at the time John's death did not mean much to me. Many years later, for reasons I don't recall, I heard Caroselambra for the first time. First thought was "hey, I like that". Then "who the hell is playing that?" That was the song that made look deeper into this band. I always loved music but it was on the radio, in the background, something at parties. Led Zeppelin is something I listen to. It is "something" to me. Led Zeppelin is what I wanted, no, needed to hear this morning! They aren't just a band. They aren't just music. They are not God's. They are the greatest, as I discovered, because of something for everything!! They are not a rock band, nor a jazz band or blues. They are Led Zeppelin!! Yes, I have Zeppelin playing right now! Why am I here? On this site! Typing words to people on the internet just hours after losing my Dad?!?!?! Because most, if not all of you understand! If no one reads this, so what. That is not my reason for doing this. Don't worry. I'll be with family all day. They are all at their homes getting some rest right now so I'll head over later. For now Zep is keeping me company. brb...need more kleenex... So, I've played them when driving that gorgeous twisting country road in the fall with the leaves at their brightest and now while sitting here mourning the loss of my Dad. They have me covered for all occasions! Whatever mood or situation I am faced with. If I need a musical fix Led Zeppelin has it covered. My Dad won 3 previous battles with cancer and survived a massive stroke. I hope I have even a fraction of his strength! Rest in peace Dad...I love you. Thank you Zep.
  3. As said above...no worries. I have a couple of guitars so I tend to leave one or two in that alternate tuning for a while, saves some time. One is currently tuned for The Rain Song. Not that tuning takes all that long, sometime it is that you just don't have much time. Change away. Humidity and temperature changes will have more of an affect.
  4. Anyone try some font speculation on what the "Three" will look like? My guess is the font on the III album cover (I know, duh!) Capital "T", lower case "hree". The e's underlined by elongated circles as opposed to the line or dot from "FIVE" and "FOUR".
  5. Thanks for posting this link!! I was in Italy last month. To see Venice and Pisa this way is spectacular. I'll be sharing this with my family.
  6. Thank you for sharing Kimbersays! I shall live vicariously through you...if I may?
  7. So last night I saw Slash. The opening band was "Monster Truck" I liked them right from the start. Turned up too loud but some good rockers. Anyone who may think R&R is dead should look these guys up. Slash came on stage at 9 wearing a concert tee from the opening band...cool! He is a hard working rocker, sweats like all get-out. There were puddles on the stage. It was general admission so things were a bit tight if you wanted a close-up, which I did, but far enough away so's not to get splashed. Once again volume, to me at least and a few others I spoke to afterwards, was too high. It looses something when it is overdone. This was in a small venue so if the audience was quiet you could hear some one on stage talking. Lots of great music, a few GNR tunes as expected. Myles Kennedy and his band did a nice job of keeping up with Slash, who played non stop till about a quarter past 11. My hearing has returned and my memory's of the concert are locked in and well worth remembering. A great show.
  8. I would gladly participate. Indeed my thoughts are with him.
  9. Any one been to Nepisiguit Falls? Just got back from there. What a beauty of a spot. 100+ year old hydro electric dam and fantastic scenery along the river...in the middle of friggin nowhere!!!!

  10. I'm home! My vacation is over! 3 weeks in Italy and Greece...done. Back to work tomorrow. Did get a nice LZ t-shirt though
  11. Sad news. Just a reminder to me to continue to get out and see/witness every great band that I can. We just don't know who is next. Glad I got to see them live.
  12. Just came by to see if anyone else noticed "The Wanton Song" resemblance...apparently so.
  13. I didn't read Angels and Demons. I saw the movie so I thought reading the book was now pointless. Then again...The Da Vinci Code was a much better read than the movie....
  14. PBS "My Music" The British Beat Lulu is on right now...wow...aging very well!! 64 now. Now the Trogs...Wild Thing.
  15. I'm not a novel reader, first complete novel wasn't till I was about 25. I've since read about 6! That's about one every four years. The Da Vinci Code for me was the proverbial page turner. Took me less than two weeks, all others were 1-2 months.
  16. MINI_Zoso


    Hope to get a few shots of it tonight. Last time didn't work out so well, just a big blurr. Need to set my camera up correctly to take the shot. Raining right now but expected to be partly cloudy over night.
  17. Thanks for sharing that Max! Would love to see a video of them. Well done. A lot of different flavors.
  18. Very cool! Give that girl a huge kiss from all of us here!!! And be sure to tell her friend how we like it too! Happy forty toooo.
  19. Hi guy's, Glad to see the northern dates! Ever been to the east coast? Great concert town here! We have a couple of big ones here this summer. Our little part of the world could use a big dose of Led Zeppelin though. Let us know if the north east is ever on your radar!! Steve B(onzo)
  20. Hey, very cool news! Well done guys. I live in a concert loving town, having a top notch Led Zeppelin tribute band come here would be fantastic. Keep us posted if you do have plans of a North American tour. We have great venues here localy, low end of 30-40 people to a venue that hosted 80,000 for the Rolling Stones. Our population...69,074! People love coming here, we'd love to see you too!
  21. What he said! Lead...the heavy stuff. Lead...as in singer as in Robert Plant. Led Zeppelin... definitely not a mistake.
  22. Welcome shaps! What a first post. Very deep. Well thought out and expressed. My thoughts on Led Zeppelin are drastically simpler than yours but, at the end of the day...remarkably similar.
  23. And now they can say..."remember back when we only had 5 million?!" Well past it now.
  24. MINI_Zoso

    Oh CANADA!

    Angry Candy, a local band covering "The Ocean" 4 years ago. Would love to hear them do it again as the lead singer and the band have progressed nicely. Ps: amateur video but you will get the point.
  25. Not bad at all. Checked out some of your other vids too...well done.
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