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  1. MINI_Zoso

    Oh CANADA!

    Hey Juliet, For me, anything music related I'm going to like. It's cool that you mentioned liking Feist's performance...it was the one part of the show I rewound to watch again! The ECMA's are here in Moncton next week so I hope to get my fill with live performances. AND...we have some local talent on "Canada's Got Talent" too! Something else to watch.
  2. Welcome all!! We were all newbies at one time...I have no idea what I am now though??
  3. Very cool! Now the big question...can you sing too? Because if you can you have all the bases covered to start your own LZ tribute band!!
  4. Thanks guys! Skin, thyroid, colon and liver!! Not much left is there?!?!
  5. MINI_Zoso

    Oh CANADA!

    Chips and soda ready to go!
  6. Oh...I also wanted to mention how great it is that you shared with us.
  7. So are you okay now? Hope so! Be well and take care.
  8. There is certainly someone in charge at Idol that has some love for Led Zeppelin. That's Randy Jackson on the bass. This is not a great rendition but it looks like they are trying and liking it!
  9. All the best and hope for the best possible recovery. Stuff like this just sucks doesn't it?
  10. Thanks you guys!! Well he is out of recovery! (surgery-recovery-ward) They didn't have to do a colostomy, good, but his liver is full of cancer, terrible. He is a scared man right now. Mum and my sister just got home from the hospital, he obviously has to rest, they said he was able to crack a joke before they left him. To everyone else going through this or something similar, my thoughts are with you too.
  11. No one sucked last night!!! Elise, being the Zeppelin fan that she is, gets all of my votes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Usn3o3kle44
  12. So my dad goes under the knife tomorrow for his fourth round with cancer. Twice with skin cancer, once for his thyroid and now his colon!!! The fact he had a massive stroke 8 years ago and is now 73 and still alive is a miracle in it's self I suppose. Tomorrow will be a long day. I know we are not alone dealing with this. Time to spin some Zep, "Thank You" I think would be a place to start.
  13. Judging by how many on here play guitar...not really, but I bet we all agree as to how great it is!! What have you got for gear? I don't know about others but I love to hear about what others have, pictures are always welcome. Here's mine...
  14. Would love to see some pictures of your collection, it sound great.
  15. Cool. I'd prefer it on a Les Paul, but hey they did lot's of acoustic work too!
  16. So we had a couple of days in the mid to high 20's this past week (75-78). Tomorrow we might get some snow! Back to reality for our neck of the woods.
  17. Glad to have you here. I am one of many that know's what it is like to have never seen them live. I do my best to live vicariously through people like you. Pleas share what you remember of that great night!
  18. Now that's a fan!!! It's every day for me. If I don't get 'em on the radio, I get 'em on my ipod. If I have to travel for work I play them through the stereo, really helps the miles (kilometers) fly by.
  19. The name of the band is S.U.N. - (Something Unto Nothing) All new to me though, just heard about them but by the sound of this...we might hear more!
  20. That was a cool find Missy! If there ever was to be a Bio done on David, I think Leonardo DiCaprio would be a perfect match (looks wise) for his younger years!
  21. Just got home from the "Brit Floyd" concert. 6 concerts in the past 12 months...this one topped them all!

  22. I'm always sad when my daughter cuts her hair too! :(

  23. Hey, no worries! I knew there might be something in there that could be new. I'm all caught up! Haven't done a search for Haley recently, last time I did...nothing. Any love for Deandre? The guy with the long fuzzy hair. Fantastic range, talented, good looking kid...can't stand him! Well, actually it's his type of singing that I don't like, but he is good at it. Happy with the choice of girls, not so much with the guys...but then again I'm a guy, so I guess all is good!
  24. Second favorite guitarist. Second favorite band. One of the reasons I play gutar now. By luck or chance...I'm going to Brit Floyd tonight. Sure hope you have many more David!
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