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  1. I was a late bloomer as far a being a big Zep fan is concerned. I knew lots of their music, courtesy of the radio, but that is all I knew of them. Always like their stuff. The first album I heard, front to back, was In Through The Out Door. This was my eye opener. I realized these guys were SO much more that what you heard on the radio. Time to explore. That album had a couple of "radio" tunes on it, that got the ball rolling and I have not looked back. Had I not heard any of their work at all before, it's a tough one, but II would have to get my vote. It just best represents my kinda band!
  2. Ah Stevie! I have some of his work on my iPod, strangely not that one though. I think I'll add it. 8
  3. Jackson Browne is coming to see me in April and I'm considering U2 right now. It will be the one and only time they will come to my little part of the world (July 30) and after "It Might Get Loud" he is now on a first name basis with JP...so me thinks...
  4. Strider! Holy snappin'! I've spent most of my morning with you now! It's been very enjoyable. I, like others, felt the over play from the radio. Switch stations when it comes on? Turn it off? Not a chance. What the live versions did for me was give it a new life. While reading this post I had to put it on, I chose "BBC Sessions" version. Belated Happy Birthday! Keep 'em spinning, Steve B
  5. Just read Strider's post from '09, WOW! Back in the late 60's early 70's I lived in a small town, one radio station, AM, and they did their best to appeal to everyone. Most of my music education came from the bedroom next door to mine, my older brother. He spun one record after another, lots of Santana and Black Sabbath, but never Led Zeppelin. Looking back I don't know why he didn't, he has most of LZ's music now. I heard Led Zeppelin for the first time in the early 70's. But only heard it, I didn't really get to "listen" to it. You lose a lot when listening to a one speaker AM radio. It wasn't until one day while at a friend of mine's house that I heard "Stairway To Heaven" in stereo on his record player. There was so much more to the music that I just did not know was there. At that point I noticed that what I was listening to was just songs on the radio, Led Zeppelin was music! Turn it up, Steve B
  6. Thanks "Kiwi_Zep_fan87" for the bump! Indeed...what a read!
  7. I was a lot like "imPLANTed" when I was younger, hated SD, with a passion. In high school I was the lunch time DJ during my junior year, I would get the requests for them but it just wasn't happening. Not while I was in control! About 20 years later one of their tunes was on the radio, one that I had not heard in a very long time, and I liked it! It was a song I would refuse to listen too/play in high school, but for some reason I was enjoying it that day. I have since added them to my iPod. Not full albums, just a dozen or so. Not sure what changed. I listened to LZ in high school but Bob Seger and AC/DC spent the most time on the turn table. After really getting into LZ and listening to ALL of their work I also feel different about my old faves, not the same as they used to be for me. Still liking them tho, just no where near the play time as they used to get. The Boys get top billing now.
  8. Carouselambra. So far I can only ever remember hearing it on the radio once. And it wasn't even a rock/classic rock station! Play on, Steve B
  9. G'day to all. Just listening to the Boys right now (Stairway to Heaven as I type). Looking forward to snapping a couple of pics of the big moon tonight. Anyone else? Ha, slow typer here, Stairway is now done and Carouselambra just started! Lets see if I can finish before this one is over. Anywho, glad to be here, hope you're all glad to have me! Steve B (ha! finished!)
  10. Thanks! And Cheers!

  11. MINI_Zoso


    Thanks for the reminder for tonights moon, just set my camera out to remind me to get some shots from my corner of the world.
  12. I'm currently trying to work out "Heartbreaker" on my electric right now...so that is my current vote. But "Kashmir"? Drool.
  13. So "Glee" huh? Ya, not a fan. But my 13 yr old daughter is, recently I saw her choosing some interesting songs off iTunes. I asked her about where she was hearing these songs...Glee! Of course the stuff she gets off the music video games is better.
  14. Gotta be "The Rain Song" for me. Sometimes it's just who you were with the first time you heard it that can make the difference.
  15. MINI_Zoso

    HI Everone

    Another noob here! I'll say Hi to Cindy too. Howdy to everyone, eh! What a cool site...my new home "Page"!!!! ^^get it?^^
  16. The Australian Pink Floyd Show November 10, 2010 8PMTickets: $54.00 (taxes and handling included) End Stage - All Seats Reserved

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