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  1. We are a bit lucky here in regards to the ocean, it has been so cold the past month that for the most part it is iced over. The ice really calms the water down. There have been several instances this morning that I could not see the house across the street from me. And it's not that far away, I could throw a rock into their back yard from here.
  2. Okay, as a guy I gotta say David's the man! I have seen pictures of Leonardo DiCaprio that look a lot like David in his younger years.
  3. Good morning lightandshade! Guitar lessons...took lessons close to 40 years ago, holy crap, 40 friken years, anywho, how many times do you suppose a 10yo wants to play Mary Had A Little Lamb? And I needed to be taught a little differently (think Tony Iommi or Django Reinhardt's disadvantage) to which finding someone to accommodate me was not going to happen. Discouraged I quit. For several reasons I took up guitar again just a couple of years ago. I have found many fantastic sources of learning, YouTube and forums such as this at the top of the list. I will take this opportunity to once again thank Dallas Knebs for his expertise and help. He has great knowledge and recommendations. First LZ riff I learned was Heartbreaker, easy and fun to play. My next attempt was Bring It On Home. Much harder for a beginner, "hammer-ons" and "full step bends" on the second fret! Not really sure it could be done on an acoustic, would take a lot of strength. But what satisfaction when accomplished! The one I enjoy the most is The Rain Song. Tuning is DGCGCD. Two guys that have great sites, lots of lessons and good teaching skills are Marty Schwartz and Bobby Crispy. Everyone has their own learning style and I found these two teach to mine very well. May I add a warning? It is somewhat common to get GAS!!! Gear Acquisition Syndrome! Many with the love of various instruments fall victim to this. I am a recovering GASaholic. One day at a time. I see an amp, a guitar or a new effects pedal and I want it, bad. So, practising on an acoustic is a great way to start, it will make an electric seem quite easy in comparison. Lessons, not all bad! If you go that route it is important to find one that can/will teach to your learning style and ability, does not have their own personal agenda and goes off on useless tangents, teach what you want to learn (helps to keep things interesting for you) and isn't in a band that tours a lot. These are things that my nephew, my daughter and I have all had to deal with. Best of luck with it, you are going to love it!
  4. 90km/h gusts, however the amount of snow coming down is no where near what is falling south of here. We are expecting in the vicinity of 30cm, a bit more than a foot. Part of my driveway is bare pave, the rest is under 2-3 feet of drift.
  5. Hi Winni, I like your style! Welcome to Led Zeppelin world!
  6. Hey, no worries Disco! Martin...great list. Came to a great spot if you are a Zeppelin fan. Welcome.
  7. Welcome To The Machine - Pink Floyd
  8. Been a fan of theirs from the first time I heard them. I really need to see them live! FB... http://www.facebook.com/pages/Lez-Zeppelin/102924966466220
  9. Ah, it has a name! Nemo. And it is apparently looking for us here too! Oh well, I haven't had to use my snow blower for over a month, we are due I suppose. All the best to everyone in it's path.
  10. Planted...I'd like to add my appreciation to you and your co-workers too. My sister is an oncology nurse as well, I have an idea of what she goes through daily, and therefore you too. This past October we lost our Dad after his fourth battle with cancer, we got to know many of his wonderful nurses. I know you could understand what it must have been like for my sister having her own parent as a patient!
  11. Thanks lightandshade! Planted reminded me of an old favourite of mine...
  12. Oh ya...home before the forecasted BLIZZARD too! Anyone else been hit with that bad boy tearing up the north east?
  13. Back home after 3 days in PEI working on windmills. Cold, windy and 2 1/2 days longer than I was supposed to be there!
  14. Boston AC/DC Brian Johnsons debut Def Leppard Van Halen Supertramp Led Zeppelin
  15. What a hoot that this thread shows up, I just clicked on the "Hot pics..." thread for the first time today, then I spot this. Gotta admit it though, had a man crush on Jimmy and Robert for some time now. Guess I should go see what the hot pics of Robert are like now.
  16. Fan of the phone here. It saves time, it wastes time, it kills time, it tells time, you can take pictures of time, heck you can even make calls on it! I even have several apps on mine that are useful for work!
  17. Thanks for posting reswati! It must be great to hear your words being sung on the radio.
  18. Well that's cool! Can I start with a question first though? In all seriousness, why did you pick this as your subject for your speech? What prompted you to think of Led Zeppelin? Is there something about them that makes you think they are the greatest? You have come to a great spot for opinions/answers, I'd just like to hear a bit more from you before I tell my side of the story.
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