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  1. I did not know that! Thanks! I knew about them both being in BCC, but this I was unaware of. I like it even more now!
  2. Hear Ye! That's the way it is with my daughter and I. With her mother it would be "...Led what?"
  3. Can't help but think I have seen this one posted here before, oh well, too bad 'cause here it is again...I love it! Joe Bonamassa - Tea For One http://www.youtube.c...&v=5Kjgr6LsVCU#! Poo, it's just the link, oh well click on it anyway!
  4. My apologies to the OP for some hijacking here. Dallas Knebs, thank you sir!! I have a long way to go but your help/advise has moved me a large step closer. I've only used the Ampeg so far, but the sound One other question if I may...tuning, is it tuned a whole step down?
  5. Hi lightandshade! Welcome back! We are the greatest fans in the world, aren't we? Looking forward to your future posts.
  6. Uhm...Fool In The Rain - You know who!
  7. What a list that age has associated with it. Impressive group yet so sad. So I'm not allowed in the over 50 thread yet, I'll just have to play here till then...year and a half to go.
  8. On my bucket list! I have driven some minor league race cars, but to pilot one of the big league cars would be a hoot! Have you come back down to earth yet? I would be on a high for a while I think. A buddy of mine is going to the Richard Petty Driving Experience at Loudon NH this summer! Very jealous of you and him.
  9. I was able to get her a student account, no fees till she turns 19. Then they will hit her with them from all sides. I am lucky on the movie scene, my daughter loves all kinds of movies so finding one we both like isn't too hard most times. Wasn't always the case of course. High School Musical!!!!!!!
  10. Hey Missy, I'm totally with you on the bookmarks thing! Chrome has it, it's just a bit different, and once you use it a bit I think you just might like it better. I know I do. Sounds like you have some technical support at your beck and call, so a quick "how to" from them would get you going in a jiffy. LZ Girl and slave tz...either of you feeling any better?
  11. That's one proud Mama! Great news. Just spent a fantastic afternoon with my daughter. Picked up a drivers hand book, she'll be 16 soon. Got her new bank account set up, she'll be working soon... Went to the mall, got some great deals on some stuff. Made our routine stop at out favourite pawn shop, we both picked up a DVD. I got Stevie Ray Vaughn Live at the el Mocambo. We then went to a DVD/games/music store and found a sweet new/used record section hidden in a large room way out back. Could spend a small fortune there quite easily. What a great selection they had. In my be
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